About Eiwaa Groups

EIWAA is the leading Inspection, Testing and Calibration company in Angola offers tank calibration by EODR(Electro Optic Distance Ranging Method) Method, Manual Tank Strapping, Tank Inspection & testing services, Industrial and Marine Survey, Storage tank Calibration Services, Pipe and Pipeline Integrity Inspection Services, NDT/NDE Inspection by Normal Access/Rope Access Inspection, Rope Access Inspection and Maintenance at every stage of the Oil and Gas & Marine asset’s lifecycle. Our smart tank calibration team in Angola couples with our design engineers & project personnel to provide a complete solution to your needs of tank calibration, tank Inspection services, Ullage Survey, Tank Volume calibration etc. Reports and historical records are maintained on an online database for access any time, providing the best value in terms of time and cost-efficiency.

About EIWAA Groups

EIWAA operates with an uncompromising attitude towards safety. EIWAA in Angola are committed to ensuring all the tank calibration by EODR methods, Storage tank Inspection and Certifications, Pipe and Pipeline Inspection &Certification, NDT/NDE, Tank Dimensional Survey, Lifting Equipment Inspection etc. are completed according to our stringent HSE procedures following upon international standards such as those specified by the American Petroleum Standards (API), Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), Lifting Equipment-Engineers-Association(LEEA), Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT/PCN), American Welding Society (AWS), International Association of Classification Societies(IACS), International Maritime Organization(IMO) and the American Petroleum Institute (API).

EIWAA is the IACS approved NDT Service provider in Angola approved by Major Classification Societies (IACS)like ABS(American Bureau of Shipping),BV (Bureau-Veritas),Llyord’s Register(LR),Indian Register of Shipping(IRS),EIWAA is an IACS Approved NDT Supplier and Lifting Equipment Inspection body in Angola for providing Major NDT Inspections. We are approved by ISO/IEC 17020 Conformity Assessment,LEEA Membership &by Major Oil Companies across the globe.

EIWAA Inspection and Testing Services in Angola provides the services of :

  • NDT Inspection
  • Storage tank Inspection and Certification
  • Tank Dimensional Survey
  • Mooring Bollard Load Testing Inspection by Portable Test bed Arrangements
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification by water bag and load cell
  • Pipe/ Pipeline Inspection and Testing Services(Above Ground Pipeline/Underground Pipeline Inspection)
  • Underground Pipeline Inspection
  • Third Party Inspection etc.

EIWAA is the best storage tank calibration company in Angola offers :

  • Ship Tank Calibration
  • Tank Strapping chart calibration
  • Ullage Survey or Sounding Table /Chart preparations
  • Above Ground Storage tank Calibration with tank strapping chart
  • Under Ground tank Calibration or UST Tank Calibration
  • Tanker Calibration
  • Pipeline Calibration and Fuel dispenser Calibration etc.

Our 3D Laser scanning and Modeling in Angola offers the following :

  • Marine Survey provides 3D Laser scanning and Modeling for BWTS Installation, EGCS Installation
  • 3D Laser Scanning and BIM Modeling
  • 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling for Refineries
  • MOPU to MODU Conversion
  • Dimensional Control Survey
  • Tank Dimensional Survey etc.

Mission & Vision

To provide the highest quality inspection and technical services within Oil, Gas, Marine, Petrochemical and Power industry and to become the best preferred reliable choice of the industry. To accomplish this, we focus on providing customer focused quality service, delivering innovative solutions, creating operational excellence through our commitment to adhere with the code of practice, ethics and principles and our passion for continuing education for learning the newest innovations of the industry.