Storage Tank Calibration Services :

EIWAA’s innovative laser-calibration measurement technology helps companies to reduce time and costs of tank management, as well as offering precise storage tank calibration to the appropriate international standards published by the International Standards Organization (ISO) or by the American Petroleum Institute (API). We can calibrate any tanks, regardless of shapes and sizes.

Storage Tank Calibration Services (Above Ground):

EIWAA is the best tank calibration company in Angola offers Storage Tank calibration by EODR ( ELECTRO OPTICAL DISTANCE RANGING METHOD) method as per API /ISO Standards either by internal or external(Without emptying the tank) tanks as an online storage tank calibration.

  • Our Petroleum and Chemical storage tank calibration Services in Angola includes Vertical tank calibrations, Horizontal tank calibration, Spherical and Cylindrical tank calibration, Fixed roof and Floating roof tank calibration, Domed roof and Conical roof tank calibration, LNG Tank calibration etc…
  • Above Ground Storage Tank Calibration by tank strapping in Angola includes direct physical measurement of tank geometry and in house calculation of capacity tables from those measurements. These Storage tank calibration services are provided by our experienced API 653 certified field inspectors in Angola with additional storage tank calibration training.
  • EIWAA s Storage tank calibration in Angola includes measuring internal bottom survey evaluation, datum evaluation, deadwood evaluation EODR Method, Storage Tank Strapping by Manual Strapping methods as per API 650 standards, Tank Sounding Chart preparations, Tank Ullage Survey, Tank Volumetric Calibration survey etc.
  • Above Ground Storage tank calibration by EODR Method in Angola Deliverables are Providing oil terminals for Dip chart Supply, Offering tank Strapping chart ,Supplying Dip stick after tank calibration, Offering tank Sounding chart etc. in both soft/hard copies with temperature correction tables.
  • Safe filling height calculation as a part of Storage tank Calibration Services in Angola.

Ship Cargo tank calibration in Angola otherwise called Ullage survey in Angola is a method of determining the cargo tank volume accurately in order to determine the exact cargo or products whether in liquid or solid form. Cargo tank Calibration in Angola is the process of collecting cargo tank measurements and calculating accurate tank capacity based on these cargo tank calibration measurements.

  • Ullage Survey in Angola is a measurement of space between the surface of liquid in a cargo tank and the top of cargo tank inner surface. Ship’s ullage tables are drawn up, based on the internal volume of tank measured from some reference point; called lip of an ullage hole. By using advanced EODR(Electro Optical Distance Ranging Method)Measurements ,we can find out the ullage survey measurements in a cargo tank in order to prepare the ullage survey chart or dip chart as per the IACS regulations.
  • EIWAA use the most accurate, reliable, and fastest laser measurement systems available. International Method followed: API MPMS 2.8.A Sounding pipes / gauge points are measured very accurately for ullage or sounding measurements table properties

Sounding Survey in Angola is a Reverse of Ullage is the sounding. Sounding Survey in Angola is the depth of liquid in a tank measured from the liquid surface to some reference point at the bottom of the tank . As a part of cargo tank calibrations, ship may require sounding table or ullage survey reports for loading/discharging the products. Sounding table or trip capacity table in cargo ships can calculate by EIWAAs advanced tank gauging system software by our experienced naval architects/Marine Engineers.

EIWAA Marine offers cargo piping volume or pipeline calibration in Angola uses Separate volume calculations of cargo pipe line are provided for check cargo lines, pump room lines, and bottom cargo line where applicable. Volume calculates for pipelines inside the cargo tanks are included in calibration table.

EIWAA is the top road tanker calibration company in Angola  offers road tanker calibration services in Angola   uses advanced laser tank calibration methodology can calibrate road tanker calibration of any complex shapes of horizontal tank, Rectangular tank, Oval shaped tank etc. EIWAA s calibration chart is valid for 2 years or until any major repair/alternation which will affect the volumetric capacity of storage tank.

Dip stick supply in Angola are provided upon the request of customer depends upon the requirements/dip chart. On completion of calibration of road tanker, a customized calibration certificate also knows as the dip chart is issued. By using the dip chart which is provided from EIWAA, truck owner or driver or any other interested party may know the exact quantity of product which is in the tanker. Tanker Dip chart or tanker calibration chart with temperature correction tables in electronic format and laminated hard copy formats are provided from EIWAA for future reference.