Load Testing/Lifting Equipment’s Inspection:

EIWAA Marine is a leading load testing or lifting third party inspection company in UAE for providing load testing inspection for lifting equipment’s, Lifting Accessories and Lifting gears. Purpose of load testing includes structural integrity of Lifting equipment’s/lifting accessories like Onshore/Offshore Cranes, Gantries, Gangways etc. Load Testing Inspection of Lifting equipment’s and accessories covers the codes/standards of BS EN,API and LEEA recommended practices as well as local regulations of Conformity assessments _ISO/IEC 17020 inspection requirements for the third party Inspection bodies.

Our Load Testing facility have water bags or water weights of various capacities ranges from 5 ton to 100 ton, Sausage water bags of 400 Kg with pumps and manifolds/hoses ,test weights, individual steel test weights of 20 Kg, Load Cell /Load Monitoring of 5 t to 500 ton, Pad eye tester arrangements up to 500 ton capacity etc. Our Load Testing calibration reminder program automatically reminds the customer for the renewal/calibration of lifting equipment’s/lifting gears when it is going to expire the validity of certificates. EIWAA Marine is the largest third party inspection body in UAE for providing lifting equipment’s/loose gear inspection services in Offshore Rigs, Ships/Vessels, Engineering Industry, Construction etc. Our Load Testing offshore Inspection services works in accordance with IACS rules/regulations.

Loose Gear Survey and Inspection

We know that compliance is essential, and we can carry out the necessary lifting gear inspections in order to maintain your LOLER compliance. EIWAA is an audited and approved Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) member.

EIWAA inspects and load tests all fixed and loose lifting gear/ Lifting equipment types including:

• Cargo gear Inspection
• Lifting tackles/Loose Gear Inspection and Certification
• Loose Gear Inspection/ Lifting Tackles&Lifting Accessories Inspections and Certification
• Load Testing and Inspection of Slings, Shackles, Chain Block and Hoist etc.
• Load Testing and Certification of Forklifts.
• Load Testing and Inspection of Offshore Crane and Barge Cranes
• Load Testing and Certification of Offshore Basket, Personnel Transfer Basket/Billy Ploughs etc
• Wire rope Spooling and De Spooling of Winches, Cranes. & etc.
• Changing of wire ropes in a cranes and winches.
• Towing Gear Assembly Inspection Bollard pull Test
• Load Testing Inspection and certification of Spreader Beam and Lifting Beams
• Load Testing and Inspection of DNV 2.7-1 Containers and Provision of Slings
• Load Testing and Inspection of Pad Eye Testing (By Portable Pad eye tester up to 120T).
• Pad eye Load testing and certification by a portable pad eye tester in barges, ships, civil structures etc.
• Pull Testing/Load Testing and certification of Lashing Hooks, Anchor Bolt, Bracket, Hooks, and Clamps etc.
• Load Testing and Inspection of Deck cranes, Davit systems, Davit Cranes, Overhead, and Mobile/Crawler Cranes.
• Rigging gear Inspections
• Pull out Test, Load test, Brake holding test & inspections of Anchor Winch, Towing Winch, Capstan and Anchor Windlass

Bollard Load Testing/Bollard Test By Portable Test Bed Arrangements (Without Tugs And Vessels):

EIWAA is capable to verifying the integrity of full mooring bollard assembly including body, anchor bolts, anchors and surrounding/concrete structure & Capable to mobilize anywhere in globe with short notice to provide mooring bollard load test by Portable mooring bollard load test arrangements without using tugs and vessels. EIWAA uses portable bollard pull test assembly of up to 500T Capacity for performing bollard pull testing and certification to reduce the accidents in port, ship yards, maintenance yards etc…

Our core services includes but not limited to:

  • • Periodic Inspection, SWL/Proof Load testing of all types of Marine mooring bollards including various capacities of A-Type mooring bollard ,B-Type Mooring bollards, C-Type Mooring bollards, D &E Type Mooring bollards, Cast Iron/Ductile type mooring bollards like Single Bitt Mooring bollards, Double Bitt mooring bollards, T-Head Mooring bollard, Stag horn type bollard, Kidney type and cleats type bollard etc…
  • • Load Testing and certification of marine mooring bollards in any direction .Inspection includes failure analysis of Mooring bollard body, Bollard Cylinder, Failure analysis of weld at the base of bollard cylinder and failure analysis of anchor bolt of mooring bollard etc…
  • • Proof load testing and Inspection of all type of bollard includes Permanent bollard and Temporary bollards which is to be used in load out or shipment.
  • • Bollard Post pull test and certification by Portable test bed arrangements in shipyards, jetties, and yards.
  • • Mooring bollard load test and certification by Portable testing Equipment (Up to 500 T)in ports, Shipyards, jetties, and yards.
  • • Anchoring/Mooring Bollard post load test and certification by Portable testing Equipment in ports, shipyards, jetties, and yards.
  • • Bollard pull Test and certification for the Tug boats, Supply vessels, and other kind of ships.
  • • Pull testing of anchor bolt and pull testing of bollards in marine/building industry.

Inspection of Life Saving Appliances (LSA), Fire Fighting Equipment’s (FFA)&Life Raft:

EIWAA Marine is a leading specialized load testing or lifting third party inspection company in UAE for providing Life Saving Appliances Inspection (LSA Inspection), Fire Fighting Equipment’s Inspection (FFA Inspection),Life Raft Inspection in Marine Industrial Sectors approved by major classification societies.Life Saving Appliances Inspection /LSA Inspection: Life Saving Appliance Inspection includes inspection of life boat, Life raft, Breathing Apparatus, EEBD s, Life Jackets/Buoys, Immersion Suit etc.

Annual Inspection of Life Boat and Life boat Davit: EIWAA Specialized in annual inspection of life boat and Davit includes wire rope renewal of life boat davit, Life raft davits and free fall davits.

Five yearly Inspection of life boat and life boat Davit: Major Inspection of Life boat and Life boat davit done every five years. Five year Inspection of life boat and Life boat Davit includes release gear system Service, Engine Overhaul service and renewal, Servicing of Sprinkler system, Inspection of compressor systems means hydro testing and refilling of air bottles, Inspection of life boat and launching system etc.

Annual Inspection of Rescue Boat and Rescue boat Davit: EIWAA s third party Inspection lifting inspection engineers are experienced to perform the annual inspection and Certification of Rescue boat and rescue boat davit systems. As a part of third party Inspection of rescue boat and rescue boat davit, we are performing maintenance as well as servicing of rescue boat and rescue boat davit.

Inspection and Certification of Fire Fighting Appliances: EIWAA s third party Inspection and certification team provides testing, inspection and certification of Fire Fighting Appliances in rigs and Ships/Vessels.

Services of FFA Inspection and Certification includes:

    • • Annual,5 year and 10 year Certification of Fixed Co2 system
    • • Annual Inspection and Certification of Fixed Dry Chemical Powder Systems
    • • Annual Inspection and Certification of Fixed Foam Systems and Wet Chemical Systems
    • • Inspection and Certification of Fixed FM 200 Systems, Water Mist Systems, Sprinkler Systems, SCBA and Immersion Suits.
    • • Annual Inspection, Hydro Testing and Re filling of Portable and Non Portable Fire Extinguisher &EEBD.


Inspection and Certification of Life raft: EIWAA s third party Inspection and certification team provides Servicing, inspection and certification of Life raft in rigs and Ships/Vessels.

Life Raft Inspection: Third Party Inspection and Certification of life raft includes operation inflation checking of life rafts, Floor suspension in life rafts, Over pressure testing of life rafts, Timed leakage testing of life rafts, Inflation hose testing of life rafts etc. Operation inflation checking of life rafts have to perform every 5 years. Type of Life raft test like floor suspension in performed in every servicing starts with life rafts 10th year. Every Servicing starts with life rafts 10th year or after major repair to air holding structures are over pressure test at Life rafts inspection. Timed leakage inspection of life rafts have to perform every scheduled service or minor repairs to air holding structures at life raft inspection. In Life raft inspection, inflation hose testing have to perform at every scheduled service of life raft.