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Dimensional Control Survey

The Objective of EIWAA s 3D Laser scanning and Dimensional Control Survey services utilizing Proven engineering survey techniques and non contact methods; provides qualitative and commercial benefits to any onshore/offshore projects. Our onshore and offshore surveying services help customers to meet new engineering challenges in construction/fabrication of offshore assets.

Our offshore survey of includes the following,

  • 2D and 3D Modeling Services:2D and 3D Modeling gives as built conditions in a fast and safe manner.
  • Dimensional Control Survey Services: Dimensional control uses proven engineering survey techniques with modern 3D Laser scanning equipment to collect precise 3D data’s on new or existing mechanical, structural and offshore projects.
  • 3D Laser scanning high Definition Survey Services:3D Laser scanning high definition survey Services are used in retrofitting engineering or conversion projects for BWTS Installation on ships/Vessels, Scrubber Installation projects, Piping design/layout preparations of plants, P &ID Diagrams preparations, BIM Modelling etc.
  • 3D Laser scanning in LFM Software: We will convert each scan datas to LFM Software in order to get view of laser scan data to browse, extract dimensional information’s, conduct as built modeling or facilitate integration directly with CAD Applications.


Dimensional Control Survey Services:

  • Rig Alignment Survey
  • Platforms, offshore jackets, FPSOs, TLPSs etc.
  • Ship repair/Ship new building Industry
  • Onshore/Offshore structural assets
  • Geometrical Tolerances analysis or Dimensional Analysis of assets.
  • Dimensional Analysis of Drilling rig legs, spud can etc.
  • BOP Trolley alignments, Rig alignment, Derrick Alignment Survey by 3D Laser scanning, Hull Alignment Survey.