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EIWAA offers comprehensive 3D laser scanning service and 3D Mapping Service for the marine, offshore, and rig industries. Our Marine Survey equipped with LiDAR Scanning and 3D Modeling service to perform clash detection, piping routing, equipment positioning, space management and 3D Imaging Service. Our specialised LiDAR technology in marine scanning service ensures accurate design, shipbuilding, and industrial plant restructuring etc. For Building and Architectural applications, we are providing Surveying Service of LiDAR Scanning, Terrestrial Scanning, 3D Mapping Service, 3D Imaging Service,3D Modeling Service, Revit Modeling ,RHINO Modeling and Building Information Modeling.Naval Architects of marine scanning service provides Retrofitting Engineering and Reverse Engineering by 3D Design and Detailed Engineering for Ballast Water Treatment System(BWTS), Hull Air Lubrication System(HALS), Exhaust Gas Scrubber Unit(EGCS), Offshore Conversion etc. Surveying Service Engineers are undertaking projects of Total Station Survey, As built Survey, Pipeline Survey and Alignment Survey and more.

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Survey Services at a Glance

3D Scanning Service and Detailed Engineering

  • Terrestrial Scanning
  • LiDAR Scanning
  • 3D Mapping
  • Laser Scanning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Rendering Service
  • 3D Digital Survey Services
  • 3D Modeling Service
  • Building Scanning Service
  • Digital twin technology

Revit Architecture

  • Revit Modeling
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Revit Architecture Modeling.
  • Architectural 3D Model
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Revit MEP
  • Revit
  • BIM Revit
  • Revit Architecture
  • 3D CAD Model
  • As built Drawing Preparation

RHINO Modeling

  • Architectural Design
  • Structural design
  • Naval design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • BIM & Documentation
  • Fabrication & Construction
  • Design Animation

As built Survey of Building

  • As built Survey of building
  • AutoCAD Modeling
  • Floor Plan Drawing
  • 2D and 3D Models
  • Interior Design
  • Scan to BIM
  • Architectural Model
  • Total Station Surveys
  • Revit MEP

Marine/Offshore Retrofitting

  • Offshore Conversion
  • BWTS 3D Scanning and Detailed Engineering
  • Hull Air Lubrication System(ALS)
  • EGCS Installation Scanning and Engineering
  • 3D Mapping
  • 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling
  • Hull and Keel Laser Scanning
  • EGCS-Exhaust Gas Cleaning system
  • Ship building
  • Conversion Engineering
  • Digital twin technology

BIM Modeling

  • BIM Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Building Information Modeling.
  • BIM Model
  • 3D BIM Model
  • BIM 360
  • BIM Architecture
  • 3D CAD Model
  • As built Drawing Preparation

3D and Laser Measurement

  • Storage tank Dimensional Control
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Peaking/Banding Survey
  • Tank Planetary Inspection
  • Straightness Measurement
  • Alignment Survey
  • Deformation Survey
  • Volume Calibration
  • Verticality Survey
  • EODR Technique
  • Tank Survey

Topographical Survey

  • Total Station Survey
  • As built Survey
  • Theodolite Survey
  • Demarkation/Boundary Survey
  • Underground utility Survey
  • Underground Mapping
  • Pipeline Survey

What We Do For You



Topography, As built and Total station Survey


Marine Scanning & Detailed Engineering for Retrofitting


Laser Measurement by 3D Scanner for dimension measurement


Offshore Scanning and Eng. for ALS,BWTS,EGCS, Scrubber…


LiDAR Scanning Revit BIM and RHINO Modeling of architectural structures


Digital Twin technology in Marine and Oil Gas Industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Importance of 3D Laser Scanning service in Retrofitting Engineering?

Accuracy of Laser Measurement and Its accuracy?

Use 3D Laser Scanners to enhance the accuracy and speed of your design and engineering requirements in Marine survey. When a product has no CAD data, simply scan it to get all the measurements you need for reverse engineering. And when manufacturing fixtures and fittings for ships, cars or aircraft, scan the complex interiors as your basis for planning conversions. See all product design and engineering applications.The accuracy of a portable 3D scanner used in marine scanning service normally ranges between 0.01mm and 0.1mm.

What is meant by Digital Twin?

A virtual representation created to maintaining a physical object is called a digital twin in marine service. The object being researched, such as a wind turbine, is equipped with a variety of sensors that are connected to key functioning regions. These sensors generate information about a variety of performance characteristics of the physical device, including energy output, temperature, environmental conditions, and more. The processing system then applies this information to the digital copy.

Difference between Revit- BIM -RHINO Modeling

The entire process of developing a three-dimensional database in the form of a model of data relating to a building's design is known as Building Information Modeling. One of the various BIM-related software programs that facilitate effective space design is Revit.

What is meant by LiDAR Technology

The term "LiDAR"in Marine Survey refers to a remote sensing technique that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges (varying distances) from the Earth. These light pulses produce exact, three-dimensional data about the Earth's shape and its surface properties, which are coupled with other data captured by the aerial system.

Role of 3-Dimensional Laser Scanning Service in Power Plant?

Using a digital 3D scan for as-built information, engineers can design complicated retrofits and upgrades that fit the first time upon installation, avoiding costly and usually inevitable engineering errors or miscalculations. 3D laser scanning service makes design work easier and allows engineers to work in a highly efficient manner. Our 3D Imaging Service positions power companies to be prepared for the future, when 3D engineering is the standard.

What is meant by As built Survey

As-built surveys, also sometimes referred to as record drawings, offer official evidence of the precise installation methods used in a project is a major surveying service in only and gas industrial field. They are essential for project closeout because they record the actual outcomes of the building project rather than the intended arrangement depicted in the project design.

What is meant by Alignment Survey

A proposed route's alignment survey was largely utilized as a baseline for locating topographic features, cross-sections, etc. This alignment was given to or made by survey crews to lay out a rough location and gather information about that route.

How define Pipeline Survey in Piping Engineering Survey Services?

Pipeline is the term which covers the scope of measuring the distance, angle, and coordinate measurements of pipeline in a power plant and refineries.Power Plant 3D Scanning Service makes it easier to get the dimension measurements and survey.

Importance of EIWAA Marine in Hull Air Lubrication scanning and Modeling?

Air bubble lubrication system in ship is an energy saving technique by reducing the resistance between ship’s hull and sea water using air bubbles which in turn reduces the CO2 emission rate. EIWAA has numerous proven track records of scanning and CAD modeling of Hull lubrication system for ships and Vessels. Hull lubrication for shipping is mandatory as per marine Classification requirements and IMO Regulations. Design of Ship air lubrication have a vital role to reduce the Co2 emission rate as 10-15% to provide a green environment.

How to conduct 3D Laser Service and Detailed Engineering package of BWTS/Ballast tank?

Detailed engineering of Ballast tank includes 3D Design,3D Scanning and 3D CAD Modeling. Due to its complex structure ship ballast tank,BWTS Retrofitting engineering prefer 3D Scanner for ballast water treatment system as FARO Focus 3D Scanner.BWTS Scanning system is a LiDAR Scanning method to get the accurate dimensional details of as built machineries at deck and Engine room to facilitate 3D Design and Modeling for retrofitting and conversion engineering.

Range of 3D Laser scanning applications?

  • • Clash detection with laser scanning: Identify and resolve clashes in complex structures and layouts by utilizing our precise laser scanning technology.
  • Piping routing using laser scanning: Optimize piping systems by leveraging the accurate measurements obtained through laser scanning.
  • Equipment positioning with laser scanning: Ensure optimal equipment placement and alignment with our precise equipment positioning using laser scanning data.
  • • Space management through laser scanning: Effectively manage space utilization and layout planning through our laser scanning solutions.
  • • Laser scanning for design purposes: Enhance design accuracy and efficiency by incorporating laser scanning data into your design process.
  • • Marine 3D Laser scanning and Modeling Survey includes onboard survey, Feasibility study, FEED,3D Scanning,3 Dimensional Modeling,Detailed Engineering and Retrofitting Engineering.

What are the Retrofitting Engineering solutions for Shipbuilding, Restructuring, and Extending Industrial Plants?

  • • Shipbuilding laser scanning: Facilitate efficient shipbuilding processes by utilizing our laser scanning for accurate measurements and documentation.
  • • Restructuring and extending industrial plants with laser scanning: Streamline plant modification and expansion projects by leveraging our laser scanning technology for precise measurements and as-built documentation.
  • • Refinery scanning services: Optimize refinery operations and maintenance with our scanning services tailored for refineries.
  • • Power plant 3D scanning using laser technology: Improve power plant design and operations through our laser scanning solutions specifically designed for power plants.
  • • Production facility scanning with 3D scanning: Enhance production facility planning and management by utilizing our 3D scanning.

Major types of 3D scanning services which EIWAA Marine Services offer at marine and offshore?

Types of 3D scanning services which we offer at marine and offshore services are,

  • • Accurate and detailed 3D scanning services tailored for the marine & offshore industry.
  • • Offshore laser scanning: Obtain precise measurements and data for offshore structures using our offshore 3D scanning services.
  • • Rig scanning services: Ensure the safety and efficiency of rig operations with our comprehensive rig scanning services.
  • • BWTS scanning: Efficiently manage ballast water management through our specialized scanning services.
  • • Reverse engineering scanning: Obtain accurate 3D models and data for reverse engineering projects using our advanced scanning technology.
  • • Marine vessel hull scanning: Precisely capture the hull geometry and dimensions of marine vessels for maintenance and design purposes.
  • • Offshore rig scanning: Obtain detailed as-built documentation and measurements of offshore rigs for maintenance and planning.
  • • Offshore structure scanning: Accurate and reliable 3D scanning services for offshore structures and facilities.
  • • Subsea asset inspection: Conduct detailed inspections of subsea assets using our advanced laser scanning technology.
  • • As-built documentation: Create comprehensive and accurate as-built documentation of various structures and facilities.
  • • Asset management solutions: Optimize asset management processes with our laser scanning-based solutions.
  • • Marine industry scanning: Tailored 3D scanning services for the marine industry, including vessels, ports, and more.
  • • Offshore sector scanning: Reliable 3D scanning services for the offshore sector, including platforms, pipelines, and more

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