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Electrical Leak Testing:

Infrared thermography in electrical leak testing  is a noninvasive technique for measuring large amounts of electrical leakages in electrical panel switchboards. Electrical switch board inspection  technique uses relative measurements of infrared radiation energy. Thermal radiation is one type of electromagnetic radiation that is continuously emitted by all substances due to molecular and atomic agitation associated with the internal energy of the material. Infrared/thermal testing involves the use of temperature and heat flow measurement as a means to predict or diagnose electrical  failure. Electrical leak testing  involve the use of contacting or non contacting devices, or a combination of both.  A fundamental knowledge of heat flow and the thermal behavior of materials are necessary to understand the significance of temperature and temperature changes on a test sample.

Contacting devices include thermometers of various types, thermocouples, thermopiles and thermochromic coatings. Non contacting devices include convection (heat flux) devices, optical pyrometers, infrared radiation thermometers, infrared line scanners and infrared thermal imaging (thermo graphic) equipment. Infrared thermography is the nondestructive, non intrusive, non contact mapping of thermal patterns on the surface of objects as well as electrical switch boards and concrete slab surface. It is usually used to diagnose thermal behavior and, thereby, to assess the performance of equipment and the integrity of material, products and processes. The thermal maps produced by infrared thermal imaging instruments are called thermograms. Ship owners and electrical Engineers   can pinpoint and repair electrical problems before they happen with IR Electrical Inspections. One can reduce downtime and increase profits with an infrared electrical test

Reference codes for Infra-red thermography are,

MIL-STD-2194, Military Standard: Infrared Thermal Imaging Survey Procedure For Electrical Equipment (12 Feb 1988)
ASTM C 1060-90. Standard practice for thermography inspection of insulation installations in envelope cavities of frame buildings
ASTM E1933 – 99A. Standard test methods for measuring and compensating for emissivity using infrared imaging radiometers.
ASTM C 1153-97. Standard practice for location of wet insulation in roofing systems using infrared imaging.
ANSI ASHRAE 101-1981. Application of Infrared Sensing Devices to the Assessment of Building Heat Loss Characteristics.
DIN 54190-1, 2 and 3. Non-destructive testing – Thermography testing
NF A09 420. Infrared thermography – equipment characterization