Revit BIM Modeling

Revit BIM Modeling

A realistic and comprehensive perspective of the project is provided to the architects, engineers, and construction professionals via the architectural BIM service. It would be accurate to say that BIM provides a thorough understanding of the project and directs us in building a full infrastructure with the aid of tools, software, and technological advances. Third-party engineering surveying services, such as topographical survey Services, as built survey, and oil and gas surveying, are often used by power plants, refineries, and civil architecture constructions.

Additionally, BIM services ensure best practices and the highest returns on capital by saving both resources and time and assisting in the efficient completion of plans and projects. Our team of professionals has experience transferring Point Cloud to BIM Services data to the BIM platform. We are also specialists in offering services at LODs of 300 to 500. Our clients can access this Structural BIM service and 3D Architecture animation Service anywhere in the world. For many sorts of building models, we are experts at transforming the 2D drawings into precise structural BIM models.

Revit MEP Services

In the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process, Autodesk Revit for Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) is used for a variety of tasks, including BIM modeling, design and functionality analysis, as well as continuing systems design to improve sustainability and performance. So Revit MEP Service have an important role in Construction management. Among other architectural design services, we offer 3D scanning service, Topography service, as-built drawing service, 3D rendering service, 3D laser surveying services, and 3D visualization services etc.

As an architectural design company in the UAE, we are committed to offering structural BIM services, Architectural BIM Services, BIM modeling services, Revit MEP services, Architecture Animation Service and AutoCAD drafting services. We are one of the best topographic survey Services in the UAE. We also provide other services including LiDAR 3D mapping Service, 6D BIM, building information modelling service, 3D imaging Service, Revit modelling Service, and 3D laser scanning Service. As a leading Topographical Survey Company in the UAE, we are always chosen to provide all stages of laser scan to BIM services, including laser measurement services, Revit architecture modeling services, LiDAR 3D scanning services, and 3D modeling services.

Architectural BIM Services

Structural BIM Services

MEP BIM Services

Why EIWAA Oil and Gas for Revit Modeling services

Using the Level of Development (LOD) definition, specialists in the field can describe how an elements geometry and related data have changed during its stage of development. A models depth is added by the clarity of the illustration, which denotes how much and at what degree a user should rely on a models component. Types of LOD s and its definition using in architectural BIM Service are

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3D Rendering and 3D Visualization have an important role in Building Dilapidation Survey and Condition monitoring of Building. As a 3D Rendering company in UAE, we provides 3D Visualization, and 3D Architectural Rendering services.

Our BIM MEP Services uses software’s of Revit, Navisworks etc. and provide comprehensive analysis with reports including MEP 2D Drafting services, MEP BIM Modeling Service, MEP Shop drawings creation, MEP Fabrication Drawings, MEP Content Revit family creation,4D Construction scheduling and 5D Cost estimation. We are providing Point cloud to BIM or scan to BIM Service and we deliver full range of 3D Modeling service and Point cloud conversion projects. We will deliver parametric family creation, LOD or Level of Detail, CAD to BIM, Point cloud to BIM, Scan to BIM etc. 

Our 3D Modeling service includes Structural 3D modeling, Architectural 3D modeling, Mechanical 3D modeling,Equipment 3D modeling,Component 3D modeling, CAD modeling services, BIM modeling for construction, BIM coordination services, BIM clash detection, BIM visualization, BIM MEP modeling,BIM structural modeling, BIM coordination clash resolution, BIM coordination management, BIM as-built modeling, BIM LOD (Level of Detail) modeling ,BIM 4D scheduling, BIM 5D cost estimation, BIM facility management, BIM data management etc.

Autodesk Rendering and 3DS Max®is the architecture visualization software used by EIWAA Design Engineers. Software used for Architecture, Engineering and Construction are Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure. Civil 3D and Infraworks 360 are used as additional software support for BIM Modelling. Normal CAD tools which we used in construction as AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Plant 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D etc. In Architecture Engineering, Reality Capture will be performed by ReCap™ Pro ™. Architecture analysis is by software of Insight, Navisworks and Structural Bridge Design etc.

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