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Helium Leak Testing of Oil and Gas Industry:

Helium leak detection is a safe and effective way to detect helium in oil and gas industry leak testing and its applications includes the following,

Helium leak Testing of Gas distribution lines
Helium leak detection of Gas Scrubbers and Cabinets
Helium leak Testing of Underground tanks and Underground Containers
Helium leak detection of Above Ground Storage tanks (AST) and Underground Storage tanks(USTs).

Helium Leak Testing Services of Power Plants:

Annual Leak Testing of Condenser Vacuum System helps power plants to identify and locate the source of problems and quickly to take remedial actions.

Helium leak detection of Power Plants includes,

Helium leak detection of Heat Exchangers
Condenser water in leakage testing
Condenser air in leakage testing
Helium Leak detection of underground power cables.
Helium leak detection of turbine
Helium leak detection of Alternator cooling circuits.

Condenser Leak testing:

In order to save time and cost in Power generation stations, EIWAA offers  effective helium leak detection method for determining leaks in steam turbine and condensers. Fast identification of location and repairing condenser in efficiencies such as condenser tube and tube sheet fouling  circulating water in leakage and excess air in leakage can save huge saving of daily operation cost of power plants.

Petroleum Pipeline Leak Testing:

EIWAA ensures the safe and strict compliance of industrial standards, offers leak detection of petroleum pipeline and improve plant and gas transmission efficiency.

Pipeline Leak detection includes;

Leak Testing of Gas Transmission Lines
Pipe body leak test
Valve Leak Detection
Flange leak detection