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Industrial Survey -3D Laser Scanning Services

EIWAA Oil and Gas Services offers 3D Laser scanning and modeling surveys in the field of oil and Gas, Process Plants, Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Mining, Industrial Plants and utility sectors. Following are the offered 3D Scanning and Modeling surveys in Industrial Surveys,

  • 3D Scanning and Modeling of Piping
  • 3D Scanning and Modeling of Plant
  • 3D Scanning of Oil Refinery and Piping
  • 3D Laser scanning piping as built survey

Laser scanning workflow of a process piping plant includes laser scanning of existing plant, Creating As built Model of plant, Fabrication of new module, Dimensional control survey and fit fabricate component in the process plant field.

3D laser scanning for building and 3D BIM Modelling:

Our Advanced 3D Laser scanner used to measure the as built survey of building, Ware houses order to perform the reverse engineering and structural integrity of building/ware houses and 3D BIM Modelling .Our 3D laser scanning for building and 3D BIM Modeling services used to upgrade the strengthening

Laser scanning workflow of building includes laser scanning of building, Creating Point clouds, Classify point and automated polygons, Creating CAD Model of building and phototexture.

3D Laser Survey Services and Dimensional Survey of  Storage Tanks:

EIWAA uses 3D reality capture solutions combined with high-performance laser scanning technology to enable highly accurate survey-grade mapping of environments. Using the sub-millimeter profiling technique calculations can be completed in moments versus weeks when surveys are completed manually. Our survey services include:

  • Tank Shell Settlement Surveys
  • Tank Foundation Settlement Surveys
  • Roof & Floor Deviation Surveys
  • High Definition Alignment, Verticality & Plumbness
  • Peaking and Banding
  • Floor Analysis
  • Shell and Edge Settlement
  • Column Analysis
  • Girder & Rafter Analysis
  • Floating Roof Gap & Rim Space Analysis
  • Tank Berm Surveys for Spill Containment Calculations


Digital Survey

EIWAA’s digital survey service provides a comprehensive data capture service using the latest 3D laser scanning technology to carry out point cloud surveys. This allows us to virtually map everything from large-scale city models to small industrial components.

Our Expertise

Dimensional Control of Piping and Laser Alignment Survey:

Machined parts come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes, and flexible 3D metrology tools for part inspection and dimensional analysis are required to verify their accuracy and quality. 3D metrology tools are found useful for in-service dimensional analysis of complicated/ inaccessible objects.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is becoming a more popular method of creating a 3D model of a part without existing CAD files. Reverse engineering reconstructs classic designs and implements new ones. It can generate lost or absent design documentation and update or create as-built documentation.

Using non-contact 3D laser scanning, integrate 3D modeling processes into a single step. They can provide virtual simulations of interiors and inspect composite surfaces. of-the-art measuring devices.