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Load Testing/Lifting Equipment Inspection and Certification:

EIWAA Marine is a leading third party inspection company for providing offshore/onshore lifting equipment’s inspections, Offshore crane inspection in UAE, Offshore crane inspection in Saudi Arabia, Offshore Crane load testing in Saudi Arabia, Lifting Accessories and Lifting gears inspection etc. EIWAA Marine is the leading third party inspection company/Marine crane inspection company in UAE & Saudi Arabia for performing offshore Crane Inspection in UAE, Offshore crane inspection in Saudi Arabia etc.

Registered Ports in UAE are Fujairah, Fujairah Anchorage(AE-FJR), Dubai Anchorages(AE DXB), DMC, Sharjah Anchorage(AE SHARJAH ANCH), Abu Dhabi Ports, Khorfakkan Port, Khorfakkan Anchorage(AE KLF), and Hamrya Port.

Lifting Inspection Approvals are,

  • ENAS Accreditation confirming to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020:2012.
  • LEEA Development Membership (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association-UK)
  • ISO 9001-14001-45001 Approved Inspection body
  • ADNOC Approved Third Party Inspection Body in UAE
  • UAE Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs


Brief description of marine load testing and lifting equipment inspection services in the marine industry by water bag, spreader bar, and load cell are,

  • Load Test of Cranes and other lifting equipment in Cargo ships, Cargo vessels, Marine tankers and Marine tugs etc. heavy lifting accessories by water bags, load cell and Spreader bar.
  • Water bag load testing and lifting equipment Inspection of Deck Crane, Hoist, Platforms and skips etc.
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection and Deck Crane load testing Inspection & Certification by water bags and load cell.
  • Proof load testing and certification of Ship crane and other heavy lifting equipment’s in Ships, barge and Rig by water weights and load cell.
  • Heavy lifting/ load testing of cranes and lifting equipment by Water weights and calibrated load cell &spreader bar.
  • Marine Gangway and walkway load testing by Sausage water bags, Water bag pillages, Lower capacity water bags
  • Static and Dynamic load testing &lifting inspection/certification of marine and offshore heavy lifting equipment by water weight, water bags, spreader bar, lifting accessories, lifting appliances and calibrated load weighing equipment’s and load cell
  • Heavy lifting equipment Inspection and certification with water bags or water weights is an ideal application of load cells, spreader
  • Water weight test bags and load cell for Crane Inspection and marine survey.
  • Provide Quick delivery Marine lifting equipment inspection services & Marine supply services by water weights and filling water bags as per the ETA of vessel/fleets as per the voyage time line, Voyage Positions/Ship Position in Marine ports, offshore, &anchorages.
  • Marine Safety Inspection Surveys during ship sailing and Port calls.
  • Crane load test and cargo gear inspection at Marine Port calls (Fujairah Port(AE),Fujairah Anchorages(AE)and Khorfakkan Anchorage_ AEKLF, Sharjah Anchorages, Sharjah Port/Khalid Port, Khalifa Port and Port Zyed in UAE.
  • Runway beam &Heavy lifting inspection of Pad eyes in Marine Equipment’s.
  • NDT Survey including MPI Test, DP Test, Eddy Current test etc.

Providing marine heavy lifting inspection and Certification Services for ship repair and maintenance companies, Ship chandlers and repair services , Offshore Marine Contractors, Ship repair and technical inspection services, Marine services and inspection etc.

Features of Heavy lifting Water bag and lifting accessories in Marine Inspection Services are,

  • Water Bag Certified by Drop Test
  • Water Bag Certified by IACS Members like DNV,BV,ABS etc.
  • Calibrated Water bag by using water bag testing facility
  • Individual Water bag capacities ranges from 1 ton to 100 ton
  • Spreader bar capacities of 250 ton,700 ton,1200 ton etc.
  • Water Bag load testing facilities at branch offices in Fujairah, Sharjah Abudhabi at UAE and Dammam-Saudi Arabia have plenty of water bags ,water weights and calibrated load cell for load testing and certification .

EIWAA Marine Services in Fujairah Provides Marine Inspection Services, Maritime Inspection and Testing services, Ship Inspection Services, Marine Survey and Inspections etc. Lifting Equipment Inspection Services provides Deck Crane Inspections, Derrick Crane Inspections, Crane Davit Inspections, Marine Knuckle Boom Crane Inspections, Marine Jib crane Inspections and certifications by competent LEEA and LOLER Approved Inspection Engineers. Lifting Inspection and Certification of all types of winches like Man riding winches, Air winches and Hoists etc. Lifting Inspection and Certification of Davits, Davit systems,Over head Cranes, Engine room Crane etc. Rocking Test of Crane by water bags, load cell etc.

Lifting Equipment Inspection and execution plans of EIWAA Marine are,

  • Identifying lifting equipment’s maintenance and site inspection requirements.
  • Preparing Deck Crane/Lifting equipment Inspection procedure.
  • Risk Assessment Identification of lifting equipment’s
  • Lifting Inspection checklist and/or crane inspection checklist
  • Identifying Deck Crane load chart or offshore crane load chart calculations.
  • Marine Lifting Plan Preparations or critical lifting plan preparations.
  • Crane boom angle indicator Inspection
  • Better Crane and Rigging operations
  • Steps for the ship crane lifting planning and operations
  • Marine Rigging and signaling operations
  • Safety Preparations for deck lifting operations
  • Marine safety inspections of deck crane safety devises and deck crane maintenance inspection.
  • Rocking Test for marine crane if required.
  • SWL Testing of deck Crane by water bag and load cell arrangements
  • Functional and revolving Test of Deck lifting equipment’s
  • Proof load testing and certification of lifting Equipment’s
  • Submission of deck Crane/lifting equipment Inspection reports of marine and offshore lifting equipment certification.
  • Crane inspection reports includes the Crane manufacturer details, Periodic Inspection details of deck equipment/crane, SWL Testing details of Crane, Proof load testing and certification of lifting equipment’s etc. renewal of lifting equipment.
  • Customized Periodic Inspection Reminder Program(PIRP) to remind one month in advance for the periodic inspection of lifting equipment’s.

We know that compliance is essential, and we can carry out the necessary lifting gear inspections in order to maintain your LOLER compliance. EIWAA is an audited and Inspection body in the field of lifting inspection and loose gear/LLG Inspections. Pad eye load testing in Saudi Arabia division have customized/tailor made equipment’s for performing pad eye load testing in marine and offshore inspection have limited access. Pad eye load testing in Saudi division offers 100% visual inspection, Safe working load testing of pad eyes, Proof load testing of pad eyes and Pre &Post NDT Inspection of pad eyes etc. EIWAA Marine Services is the largest Marine Services in third party inspection services for performing Marine load testing services for lifting equipment/Loose Lifting gear Inspection services, Marine NDT Survey, Offshore/Marine survey etc.

Lifting Gear Inspection and Certification Includes,

  • Shackles
  • Wire ropes
  • Slings
  • Towing wire ropes
  • Snatch Blocks
  • Eye bolts
  • Mooring wire ropes
  • Lifting tackles of lever hoist, chain blocks, webbing slings and Round Slings etc.
  • Lifting Inspection of Lashing Hooks, Anchor bolts ,Lifting Brackets, Lashing hooks etc.

Marine lifting appliances Inspection and Certification Includes,

  • Lifting Inspection and Certification spreader bar, lifting beams
  • Load Testing Inspection and Certification of lifting pad eyes, anchor points, lashing pad eyes, Lashing Hooks, Lifting brackets, Lifting Clamps etc.
  • Load testing Inspection and Certification of lifting pad eyes of marine equipment’s by 500 ton capacity portable pad eye testingequipment’s in ships, vessels, barges and Rig in Maritime Industry.
  • Lifting Inspection and Certification of DNV 2.7-1 Offshore containers and basket.
  • Lifting Inspection and certification of Billy poughs and personnel transfer basket.
  • Anchor windlass Inspection and Certification.

Marine Safety Inspection and Certification are,

  • EMAG Inspection of Wire ropes
  • Wire rope MFL Inspection and Certification
  • Crane Wire rope NDT Inspection and Certification
  • Destructive Testing of Wire ropes
  • Proof load testing of Hook blocks and Floating blocks

Marine Technical Supports are,

  • Spooling and De spooling of wire ropes by spooling winch with sufficient back tensions for Deck crane and Winches.
  • Crane Wire rope Removal and Installations by spooling winch and high pressure lubrication
  • Re-socketing of wire ropes.
  • Degreasing of wire ropes while crane wire rope Installations.
  • Solid Steel Test weight rental services
  • Water Bag rental services
  • Load Cell Rental services
  • Spreader bar Rental Services
  • Spooling winch rental Services

Why EIWAA Marine Inspection Services…????

  • Major Lifting Equipment Inspection Company with dedicated & competent lifting inspection Engineers team have major port access in entire UAE and Saudi Arabia.
  • Owned Plenty of water bags, water weights, sausage bags, spreader bars, and load cells of different capacities.
  • Marine lifting equipment Inspection Services and/or Marine Safety Inspection by 24 x7 as per the LOLER ,PUWER,BS EN,API RP and LEEA Code of Practice on the basis of approved crane inspection procedures,
  • Crane Calibration and Crane Inspection reminder program.
  • NDT and Rope Access Technical Supports.
  • IRATA, ASNT Level II and LEEA Approved Inspection Engineers.