EIWAA provides engineering services in the areas of Design, Inspection, Survey and Testing of oil and gas field equipment and structures.

At EIWAA, we are committed to shaping customer’s priority by providing quick and customized engineering solutions – both offshore and onshore. We are uniquely positioned to deliver greater efficiency across project life cycles from concept to project delivery and beyond.

At Eiwaa, we are Committed to Shaping Customer’s Priority by Providing Quick and Customized Engineering Solutions – Both Offshore and Onshore. EIWAA, a high technology engineering company, with offices in middle east and southeast Asia, is providing design, inspection, survey and testing services for oil and gas fields. We are not only trying to become the biggest engineering company in the world but also to be the best. An experienced and recognisable management team coupled with a strong commitment to staff training and mentoring across the board has provided the company with a highly developed and stable skills base. We want our clients to feel that we are a trusted and reliable partner in their enterprises and that we understand their values and needs. The philosophy of EIWAA is to provide the best possible level of professional service on every inspection, survey, overhaul and upgrade conform to the required standards for any given project. EIWAA maintains and/or follows accreditations, approvals and procedures from the class organizations. With our unique heritage and global footprint, EIWAA has the full spectrum of expertise and services you need to maintain your competitive advantage in the industry. All our inspectors are trained and assessed according to our competency management system, which incorporates internationally recognised schemes such as API IRATA, PCN, ASNT CSWIP, AWS, BGAS, NACE and LEEA.

Our Expertise

EIWAA provides high-end Engineering & Project Management, Inspection & Testing and Training services across oil and gas upstream, midstream and downstream. Our reputation for technical excellence is rooted in our long-established ability to solve many of the industry’s technical challenges. Applying our deep technical expertise, we work closely with our clients to support their critical decisions, ensuring the success of their most important capital projects or maximising the value from existing, critical operational assets. Our proven track record, outstanding people and international experience mean our clients trust us to manage their projects in the face of the increasingly complex challenges presented by High Pressure, High Temperature environments, process optimisation and marginal fields. We provide our full range of services across three broad business segments: Engineering & Project.  

Uncompromising on Health, Safety and Quality

Providing the highest quality service means more to us than meeting requirements: It is about keeping people safe. It’s what we were built on and what we apply throughout our work. Implementing smart solutions that do not compromise on health, safety and quality is what we stand for. At EIWAA, employee safety is placed above all else. Company invests in risk-minimizing training and equipment and has put in place strict policies that promote an Injury-Free culture at the workplace

More than meeting requirements

At EIWAA, our goal is to use industry-leading technology to provide our clients with the highest quality of service possible. We will strive to have a team of competent and confident individuals who are trained to the highest degrees of their field, proud of the quality of our daily services and of the company they work for. EIWAA management and personnel are committed to providing quality services. This commitment is demonstrated by our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. All EIWAA employees are determined to do our jobs right the first time, enabling our customers to get the services needed when required. Through continuous improvement, our pledge is to meet or exceed the requirements our customers expect.

Accreditations, approvals and procedures

We maintain and/or follow accreditations, approvals and procedures from the following classification organizations: API, ABS,ISO, IRATA, ASNT, CSWIP, AWS, NACE, BGAS and LEEA. EIWAA also lends its expertise to industry forums, which define updates to existing standards. Our belief is that sharing ideas and exchanging best practices is key to building a stronger and more sustainable industry.
Our people come first. EIWAA is a "team first" atmosphere, meaning our people come first. Always have, always will. Our team members are the people you shake hands with, who provide your service, and who come home at the end of the day still loving what they do. We provide exceptional training and a promise that working hard will get you places. EIWAA is constantly advancing from within our ranks. We ensure our staff are at the top of their game to provide you with superior service every day.