Inspection and Testing Services :

EIWAA Marine is the bets third party Inspection Company in Nigeria for providing Third Party Tank Inspection and Certification, NDT/NDE Inspection Services, Pipeline Inspection and Certification Services, Mooring Bollard Inspection etc.

EIWAA specialized in analyzing in service conditions of storage tank by advanced laser solutions and techniques to conducts the tank dimensional survey in Nigeria  & Tank Settlement Survey in Nigeria  as per the API 653 Standards. Real time scanned images of storage tanks will help the maintenance/major repair/alternations of storage tanks as per the API 653/650 Standards. EIWAA uses the most advanced tank software’s to become the leading tank settlement survey company in Nigeria.

We are the leading tank dimensional survey company in Nigeria  for providing the following ,

  • Roof and Floor Deviation surveys.
  • Radial Deflections of Storage tanks.
  • Peaking and Banding of Storage tanks.
  • Tank Floor Analysis.
  • Tank shell settlement and Edge settlement survey.
  • Tank Column Analysis.
  • Gap survey of Seals in the floating roof tanks.
  • Winder Girder and Rafter Analysis.
  • Floating roof Gap and Rim space analysis.
  • Tank Strapping analysis for volume certifications.
  • Storage Tank Settlement Survey.
  • Tank Tiltness, Tank Verticality, Tank Ovality, Roundness and Plumbness.

EIWAA offers the third party inspection and certification by suitable NDT instruments as well as Integrity assessment Inspections of following,

  • Above Ground Pipeline Inspection and Certification
  • Under ground Pipeline Testing and Certification

In many situations, it is not possible to find out the surface area of a given assets, such as a pipeline or a heat exchanger.

Where the mode of damage is pitting corrosion, we provide a range of inspection and testing services in Nigeria to obtain required information for confident life assessment of Above Ground Pipeline Inspection and Certification in Nigeria as well as Underground Pipeline Inspection and Certification in Nigeria as a part of API 570 Inspection and Certification of pipelines In Storage tank Terminals/Refineries in Nigeria.

Our Capabilities:

  • Engineering Evaluations: Pressure and Structural Calculations.
  • Fitness for Service Evaluations (FFS) for pipeline and piping
  • Risk Based Inspections (RBI).
  • Damage Mechanism Driven Inspections.
  • Corrosion Rate and Remaining Life Assessment of piping
  • Hydro Testing and Certification of piping
  • Pressure Testing of pipeline
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging of pipeline
  • Leak Testing of buried pipeline and Above Ground pipeline.
  • Corrosion survey of pipeline.

Pipeline Leak detection in Nigeria can be found while the liquid filled conditions of min 2 bar pressure of liquid flow and the leakage detection by acoustic emission scanner (AET Scanner) with transducer without excavating the areas. Buried Pipeline Inspection in Nigeria can use to detect the leakage of Metal Pipelines as well as Nonmetal pipe line/PVC Pipeline covered with interlock, concrete, asphalts in a storage tank terminal, Residential Buildings, Marine Port etc.

EIWAA Marine in Nigeria offers  marine heavy lifting inspection Services in Nigeria for ship repair and maintenance companies in Nigeria, Ship chandlers and repair services, Offshore Marine Contractors in Nigeri, Ship repair and technical inspection services in Nigeria, Marine services and inspection etc.

Heavy Lifting Equipment Inspection in Nigeria for the marine industry by water bag, spreader bar, and load cell are,

  • Load Test of Cranes in Nigeria and other lifting equipment in Cargo ships, Cargo vessels, Marine tankers and Marine tugs etc. heavy lifting accessories by water bags, load cell and Spreader bar.
  • Water bag load testing and lifting equipment Inspection of Deck Crane, Hoist, Platforms and skips etc.
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection and Deck Crane load testing Inspection & Certification by water bags and load cell.
  • Proof load testing and certification of Ship crane and other heavy lifting equipment’s in Ships, barge and Rig by water weights and load cell.
  • Heavy lifting/ load testing of cranes and lifting equipment by Water weights and calibrated load cell &spreader bar.
  • Marine Gangway and walkway load testing by Sausage water bags, Water bag pillages, Lower capacity water bags
  • Static and Dynamic load testing &lifting inspection/certification of marine and offshore heavy lifting equipment by water weight, water bags, spreader bar, lifting accessories, lifting appliances and calibrated load weighing equipment’s and load cell
  • Water weight test bags and load cell for Crane Inspection and marine survey.
  • Provide Quick delivery Marine lifting equipment inspection services & Marine supply services by water weights and filling water bags as per the ETA of vessel/fleets as per the voyage time line, Voyage Positions/Ship Position in Marine ports, offshore, & anchorages.
  • Marine Safety Inspection Surveys during ship sailing and Port calls.
  • Runway beam &Heavy lifting inspection of Pad eyes in Marine Equipment’s.
  • IACS Approved NDT Survey including MPI Test, DP Test, Eddy Current test etc.

EIWAA Marine  is capable to verifying the integrity of full mooring bollard assembly including body, anchor bolts, anchors and surrounding/concrete structure & Capable to mobilize anywhere in globe with short notice to provide mooring bollard load test by Portable mooring bollard load test arrangements without using tugs and vessels. EIWAA Marine is the best bollard Integrity Testing  company in Nigeria have plenty of Portable test bed and  Bollard NDT Inspection Services in Nigeria to perform the Mooring bollard load test.

  • Periodic Inspection, SWL/Proof Load testing of all types of Marine mooring bollards including various capacities of A-Type mooring bollard ,B-Type Mooring bollards, C-Type Mooring bollards, D &E Type Mooring bollards, Cast Iron/Ductile type mooring bollards like Single Bitt Mooring bollards, Double Bitt mooring bollards, T-Head Mooring bollard, Stag horn type bollard, Kidney type and cleats type bollard etc…
  • Load Testing and certification of marine mooring bollards in any direction .Inspection includes failure analysis of Mooring bollard body, Bollard Cylinder, Failure analysis of weld at the base of bollard cylinder and failure analysis of anchor bolt of mooring bollard etc…
  • Mooring bollard load test and certification by Portable testing Equipment (Up to 500 Ton )in Nigeria ports, Nigeria Shipyards, jetties, and yards.
  • Anchoring/Mooring Bollard post load test and certification by Portable testing Equipment in ports, shipyards, jetties, and yards.
  • Bollard pull Test and certification in Nigeria for the Tug boats, Supply vessels, and other kind of ships.
  • Pull testing of anchor bolt and pull testing of bollards in marine/building industry.