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EIWAA Marine is a leading third party inspection company for testing, inspection and certification services in marine/offshore environments for providing Lifting Equipment Inspection, NDT/NDE Inspection Services, Marine 3D Laser Scanning and Alignment Survey, EMAG Inspection of Wire ropes etc.

EMAG Inspection/NDT Inspection of Steel wire ropes:

EIWAA Marine offers EMAG Inspection of wire rope inspection is use to extend rope life by using steel wire rope flaw detection techniques by enabling simultaneously accurate measurement of loss of metallic area(LMA) and detection of inner and outer localized flaws(LF) of broken wires, strands, kinking and pitting corrosion in addition to the visual inspection criteria. Working principle of EMAG Wire rope Inspection is MFL Method or Magnetic Flux Leakage. EMAG Inspection of Steel wire ropes is also known as Wire rope MFL Inspection and is a Non destructive Testing or NDT Inspection method used to determine the integrity of steel wire ropes in Maritime Industry. By EIWAA s NDT wire rope inspection equipment’s results increase in the wire rope life expectancy, significant savings to marine/vessel owners and safe to use of wire ropes. The spectrum of our offshore inspection services includes wire rope NDT and Certification using Magnetic flux leakage method with strong magnetization heads.

Offshore Wire rope Inspection and oil &Gas Industry:

  • Onshore and Offshore Heavy lifting Equipment Wire rope Inspections.
  • Guy Wire rope Inspections
  • NDT Inspection of hoisting wire at offshore crane as a part of heavy lifting equipment inspection.
  • NDT Inspection of steel wire ropes at Mines.
  • NDT Inspection of carrying rope at ropeway
  • NDT Inspection of guy rope at Mast and sub sea construction wire ropes.
  • Crane wire rope Inspection
  • Mooring winch wire rope Inspections by EMAG.
  • Application of EMAG or Electro Magnetic Inspection of wire rope in Marine industry is for Crane wire rope inspection, Mooring Line Inspection,Mooring Winch, Anchor lines etc.
  • EMAG or Electro Magnetic Inspection of wire ropes can used for ship lift wire rope inspection of marine drydocks for fit to use certification of wire ropes.
  • In Oil/Gas Industry ,NDT Inspection of wire ropes are used for flare stack inspection and Cranes.

Technical Specifications / Equipment Capability of EMAG Inspections:

  • EMAG inspection of wire ropes at 120 mm regardless of wire rope construction and presence of grease.
  • EMAG Rope head speed is 2m/s uses Magnetic flux leakage as the working principle.Strong Magnetic determines the possible wire ropes defects like LMA,LF, Broken wires/Strands etc.
  • Our Non destructive wire rope offshore inspection equipment’s have strong Magnetic flux leakage field and/or the magnetic saturation, its possible to obtain high accuracy and sensitivity.
  • Our NDT Inspection of Wire rope testing instruments have three signals for determining LMA (Loss of Metallic Cross sectional area),WRR(Wire rope Roughness),LF(Localized flaws of wire ropes)etc.

Offshore NDT Inspection services are,

  • Eddy Current Inspection Services and Certifications.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection and Certifications.
  • Ultrasonic Scanning Inspection and Certifications.
  • ACFM Inspection and Certifications.
  • EMAG Inspection of Steel Wire ropes.
  • Dye Penetrant inspection and Certifications.
  • Phased Array UT Scanning Inspection and Certifications.

Application of Offshore NDT Inspection and Certification:

Applications are in,

  • Rig Inspection and Certification
  • Barge Inspection and Certifications
  • Ship Inspection and Certifications
  • Vessel Inspection and Certifications
  • Non destructive Inspection and In service Inspection of Pipelines and Pressure Vessels

Offshore Rental Services and Technical Supports:

Offshore Rental fleet of Load Testing Equipment/Lifting appliances are,

  • Offshore Water Bags Rental Services.
  • Calibrated Load Cell Rental services.
  • Solid Steel Test weight Rental Services.
  • Spooling/Despoiling winches rental Services.
  • Life boat Inspection Sausage bags and kits
  • Pneumatic Hoist and Compressors Rental Services.
  • Spreader Bar Rental services.
  • Lifting Beam rental Services