Rental Services

EIWAA provides hiring/rental services of Water bags /Load Measuring equipment including :

  • Water Bag Rental Services
  • Load Cell Rental Services

Load testing Water bag Rental Services :

EIWAA  Marine provides Water bag rental in Oman covers capacities ranging from Five (5) metric tons up to hundred (100) metric tons. In certain water bag rental in Oman applications, these water bags can be clustered together and stacked, with standard rigging hardware, to achieve test loads of up to 800 metric tons, without the need of spreader beams. Available water bag rental in Oman  ranges 5 Ton Water bag,20 Ton water bag,35 Ton water bag,50 Ton water bag and 100 Ton water bags.

Load Cell Rental Services :

EIWAA’s load cell hire fleet using in lifting, weighing and load measurement purposes comprises both compression and tension load cell of capacities ranges from 5 tons to 500 tons. EIWAA Marine offers load cell rental services in Oman ranges from 5 Ton, 12.5Ton,25Ton, 50 Ton, 100 Ton, 120 ton ,250 ton  and 500 Ton with transportation.