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Cargo piping volumes/Pipeline calibration:

Separate volume calculations of cargo pipe line are provided for check cargo lines, pump room lines, and bottom cargo line where applicable. Volume calculates for pipelines inside the cargo tanks are included in calibration table .Ship tanks have complex shapes, bulkhead, transverse sections and lots of deadwood inside.

EIWAA  use the most accurate, reliable, and fastest laser measurement systems available. International Method followed: API MPMS 2.8.A Sounding pipes / gauge points are measured very accurately for ullage or sounding measurements table properties. Final calibration tables in ullage and innage (sounding) are made along with correction for ship list and Trim which is very essential when ship is not on an even keel. All data also provided electronically for Integration into ship software for radar / auto gauging. Our calibration tables are recognized by all IACS approved classification agencies