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Road Tanker Calibration Services:

EIWAA s advanced laser tank calibration methodology can calibrate road tanker calibration of any complex shapes of horizontal tank, Rectangular tank, Oval shaped tank etc. EIWAA s calibration chart is valid for 2 years or until any major repair/alternation   which will affect the volumetric capacity of storage tank. Dip stick are provided upon the request of customer depends upon the requirements/dip chart. On completion of calibration of road tanker, a customized calibration certificate also knows as the dip chart is issued. By using the dip chart which is provided from EIWAA, truck owner or driver or any other interested party may know the exact quantity of product which is in the tanker. Tanker Dip chart or tanker calibration chart with temperature correction tables in electronic format and laminated hard copy formats are provided from EIWAA for future reference.