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Bollard Load Testing

Bollard Load Testing

We can verify the integrity of full mooring bollard assembly including body, anchor bolts, anchors, and surrounding/concrete structure & Capable to mobilize anywhere in the globe with short notice to provide mooring bollard load testing service by Portable mooring bollard test bed arrangements without using tugs and vessels. EIWAA Marine Service uses a portable bollard pull test assembly of up to 200T Capacity for performing bollard pull testing and certification to reduce accidents in ports, shipyards, maintenance yards, etc.

Periodic Inspection, SWL/Proof Load testing of all types of Marine mooring bollards including various capacities of A-Type mooring bollards, B-Type Mooring bollards, C-Type Mooring bollards, D &E Type Mooring bollards, Cast Iron/Ductile type mooring bollards like Single Bitt Mooring bollards, Double Bitt mooring bollards, T-Head Mooring bollard, Stag horn type bollard, Kidney type and cleats type bollard etc.

Lifting Approvals (Marine/Offshore):

EIWAA Marine Services in UAE approved by all the Major IACS classification Societies with ISO/IEC 17020 accreditations and Major Port Approvals.

Bollard to Bollard Test

Anchor Bolt Pull Test

Bollard Load Test (Test bed)

Importance of Portable Mooring Bollard Testing at Shipyards and Ports:

Mooring bollard test and certification by Portable testing Equipment (Up to 200 Ton) in ports, Shipyards, jetties, and yards ensures the safe structural integrity of bollards. Load Testing and certification of marine mooring bollards in mooring direction includes failure analysis of the Mooring bollard body, Bollard Cylinder, Failure analysis of weld at the base the of bollard cylinder, and failure analysis of anchor bolt of mooring bollard etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mooring Bollard Load Testing is approved by all major ports across the world in order to ensure the safe integrity assessment of bollards.

Bollard load testing service is the structural assessment and Safe working load/SWL of bollard by Portable Test bed at Yards/Jetties. Bollard Pull Test is measuring the Engine horsepower or BHP of tugboat by pulling the tugboat against the Mooring bollard at Quay wall area & the load measure by dynamometer load cell and lifting accessories.

Steps of Bolt testing is remove the grouts and nuts, Pull Test by 110% of its SWL by Portable mooring test bed, conduct the condition assessment by NDT Testing, Replace the failure parts and Reinstall grout and nuts, Painting etc.

As a Part of Periodic Berth equipment inspection, bollards and its surrounding quay wall area needs to
conduct thorough inspection by NDT Inspection, Load Testing of bollards, welding failure inspection, Deflection measurement, Painting inspection and corrosion checking, condition assessment of bollard, Condition monitoring of bollards, Concrete inspection, Anchor Bolt Inspection etc.

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