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lifting equipment inspection

Lifting Equipment Inspection

EIWAA Marine Service is a third-party inspection services for performing Marine load testing services for lifting equipment inspection services, Lifting Inspection Services, Lifting gear Inspection services, Pull out testing services of lifting lug, Pad eye testing services, Pedestal crane load testing services, Offshore/Marine survey etc.

Lifting Inspection and Certification of all types of winches like Man riding winches, Air winches and Hoists etc. Lifting Inspection and Certification of Davits, Davit systems, Overhead Cranes, Engine room Crane etc. Rocking Motion Test by water bags, load cell etc.to find out slew bearing conditions and alignment of crane pedestal. Crane inspection reports includes the Crane manufacturer details, Periodic Inspection details of deck equipment/crane, SWL Testing details of Crane, Proof load testing and certification of lifting equipment’s etc.

Lifting Approvals (Marine/Offshore):

EIWAA Marine Services in UAE approved by all the Major IACS classification Societies with ISO/IEC 17020 accreditations and Major Port Approvals.

Lifting Gear Inspection

Pedestal Crane Load Testing

Pad Eye Load Test

Why EIWAA Marine Services?

Our Third-Party Inspection Services is a one stop solution for Load Testing, NDT Testing and Rope Access Services. Marine Proof load testing services of lifting equipment and/or Marine Safety Inspection by 24 x7 as per the LOLER, PUWER, BS EN, API RP and LEEA Code of Practice on the basis of approved deck crane inspection procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

EIWAA Marine Inspection Services owned plenty of water weights,proof load testing weights bag, Sausage bags etc. with Non Destructive Testing Services and Rope Access Services to provide third Party Inspection Services of lifting equipment at Marine/Offshore.

The pad eyes are loaded with hydraulic jacks followed by a hydraulic pump. Loading protocol of a pad eye is based on LEEA 048 & will be certified as per the checklist based on LEEA 048

As we all know, moving heavier loads to the test site can be difficult. However, if we use water weight instead, it will be much simpler. To do water weights load testing services, we can use calibrated water bags and sausage bags, which allow us to fill them with the exact amount of water we need for the load test.

Crane Controls, Swing Machinery, Brakes, Hydraulic system, Personnel lift, Emergency lowering unit, Power unit, electric, carrier including engine, record of major repairs, wire rope, control joystick/pendants, Level Indicator, boom structure, fly jib structure etc.

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