• December 11, 2023
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Topographical Survey

Topographical Survey

For accurate measurements of existing buildings and oil and gas construction, EIWAA offers topographical survey services by using additional services of Total Station Survey, As built survey and Alignment Survey. To verify the as built conditions, location, height, and elevations of a place, require topographic surveys in Marine, Oil & Gas Power plants, Refineries etc. Topographic surveys are used by architects and engineers along with a boundary survey to develop precise and suitable designs based on current circumstances.

As built survey services, as the name suggests, is done "as it is built" during a specific period. Building as built survey services provide quick and precise floor plans, elevations, cross sections, and other drawings that make it easier to understand the present conditions. A qualified Total station survey takes coordinate measurements in difficult-to-access locations using a total station to determine the alignments and tiltness of Marine and power plant equipment’s in their built-up condition.

Engineering Surveying Services

Topographical Survey services covers the scope of collecting the data's of all man made and natural features of land, marine structures, offshore structures etc.2D Plan or 3D Plan preparation based on the output of survey.

Total Station Survey

Pipeline Survey

Alignment Survey

Why EIWAA Oil and Gas Services?

Our Global Network covers the scope of Rental 3D Scanner, Total station, Auto Level etc. as per your needs with authorized dealership of major surveying equipment companies in Middle East.

Frequently Asked Questions

EIWAA Oil and Gas Services offers Engineering Surveying Services for construction and Oil Gas industry by advanced Surveying Services.

Total Station Survey is used to measure Angle Measurement, Distance and Coordinate Measurement by trigonometrical process and provide accurate measurements.

Condition survey is basically a visual inspection method of building by qualified building surveyor to provide all the information’s of Physical, mechanical, electrical, Plumbing conditions of building etc. Dilapidation Survey is a detailed Engineering survey services of as-built condition of buildings which includes physical structural condition, wear, and tear, furnishing etc.

MEP survey means survey of mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing equipment in building survey. Total station measures angles and distance by electronically and process by trigonometrical rules. Theodolite is a mechanical or electronic instrument with less features of total station

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