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Storage tank Inspection and Certification Services

Storage tank is an asset that deserves attention. These tanks can be fabricated of metal, either field erected or shop-fabricated, or non-metallic materials, such as polyethylene or fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP). They can be used to store petroleum products, chemicals or waste materials. The field of storage-tank inspections comprises both in- and out-of-service inspections of vertical and horizontal storage tanks, both above and below ground.

A combination of techniques are used to provide a comprehensive condition report on the overall tank floor, shell, roof and structure, including engineering calculations in accordance with API 653 & 650 and other relevant specifications.

As a part of In service Inspection of storage tank, we provide the following services of Dimensional Survey, Conventional and Advanced NDT Services etc.

  • In-Service Inspection of Storage tanks
  • Remaining Life assessment of storage tank as a part of Storage tank Inspection.
  • Storage tank Inspection at Periodic Inspection Intervals as per API 653.
  • Fit to Use Certification of Storage tank (API 653).
  • API 650/API 620/API 653(Internal and External Inspection) Inspection Services.
  • Thickness monitoring (TML’s)of storage tank shell during/In service.
  • Shell integrity assessment of Storage tanks during the in service inspection of Storage tanks.
  • Foundation settlement.
  • Out-of-Service Storage tank Inspection.
  • Lining Inspection.
  • Fitness for service evaluation of Storage tank.
  • Vacuum box testing and Pressure testing /Hydro Test Inspection of Storage tank.
  • Conventional NDT s of MPI Test, Dye Penetrant Test, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging Inspection(UTG),Ultrasonic Scanning Inspection(UTS) etc…
  • Advanced NDT ‘s of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing(PAUT)/Time of Flight Diffraction(TOFD), MFL Inspection in Storage tanks/Tank Floor Scanning, Acoustic Emission Testing(AET)of Storage Tank,, Short Range Wave ultrasonic Testing (SR UT)of Storage tank and Piping, Tank Shell plate corrosion Mapping(Scorpion B Scan Inspection and Rope Access Services) etc.

EIWAA specialized in analyzing in service conditions of storage tank by advanced laser solutions and techniques to conducts the dimensional survey & settlement analysis of storage tanks as per the API 653 Standards. Real time scanned images of storage tanks will help the maintenance/major repair/alternations of storage tanks as per the API 653/650 Standards.

  • Roof and Floor Deviation surveys.
  • Radial Deflections of Storage tanks.
  • Peaking and Banding of Storage tanks.
  • Tank Floor Analysis.
  • Tank shell settlement and Edge settlement survey.
  • Tank Column Analysis.
  • Gap survey of Seals in the floating roof tanks.
  • Winder Girder and Rafter Analysis.
  • Floating roof Gap and Rim space analysis.
  • Tank Strapping analysis for volume certifications.
  • Storage Tank Settlement Survey.
  • Tank Tiltness, Tank Verticality ,Tank Ovality, Roundness and Plumbness.


Engineering Services :

Design and Drawing Preparation of Storage tank(API 650)

Fitness For Service Evaluation

Finite Element Analysis(FEA)

Expert Witness Services