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Third Party Inspection:

EIWAA offers complete range of Third-party inspection services including mechanical and electrical Inspections. Third Party Inspection Services of Mechanical Inspection covers Surveillance, Mill Inspections, Welding and Painting Inspections, NDT Inspection Services, Offshore Coating Inspections, Up gradation of mill test certificates from EN 10204 3.1 to 3.2, Performance and Certification of Pressure test (Hydro test and Pneumatic Test). Our Third-Party Inspection starts from Design review, Material Inspection, Quality assurance services, in line inspection and Random inspection, Dimensional Inspection, Stage wise fit up inspection and FAT/PAT test etc. Third Party Inspection of mechanical equipment’s (Non electrical equipment’s) including zone certification of equipment’s .Third Party Inspection of Electrical components which needs zone 0,zone 1 and zone 2 certifications also covers under the scope of third party Inspection team.

Third Party Inspection (Mechanical) / NDT Inspection:

Third Party Inspection of mechanical commodities includes Material Test Certificate Review/Approval, Welding Inspection, Painting Inspection, FAT Test, PAT Test, Material Inspection, NDT Inspections, NDT Inspection_ Conventional NDT Inspection, NDT Inspection_ Advanced NDT Inspection, Coating/Painting Inspection, Rotating Equipment Inspection, Static Equipment Inspection, Remaining life assessment of Piping, Storage tank, Pressure Vessel per API 650/653 Standards, Galvanizing inspection etc.

NDT Inspection_ Conventional NDT Inspections: EIWAA Marine is the leading NDT Inspection company in UAE offering Conventional NDT’s as well as Advanced NDT Inspection. Conventional NDT Inspection covers Magnetic Particle Test ,Dye Penetrant Test, Vacuum Box Test, Leak Test, Helium Leak Test, UT Scanning/Ultrasonic Scanning Examination of weld joints, UT Thickness Gauging/Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, Holiday Test. Advanced NDT Inspections are Eddy Current Test, MFL Scanning of Storage tank bottom plates, PAUT Examination/Phased Array Ultrasonic Test, ACFM Examination, Short Range UT Scanning Examination, Thermography etc.

Third Party Inspection(Non Electrical Equipment’s) or ATEX Non Electrical Equipment’s:

ATEX non electrical equipment zone certification have major role in ATEX Certification requirements. For all ATEX Categorized equipment’s ,the manufacturers of the equipment conduct a risk assessment and create a technical documentations. EIWAA marine is the largest ADNOC Approved third party inspection company in UAE for offering zone certifications of equipment’s to meet the hazardous offshore environment.

Technical information’s to conduct an ATEX certification/Zone Certifications of Non-Electrical Equipment’s: Min. information’s required for  Zone certification requirements of non-electrical equipment’s are external zone requirements, Internal Zone, Environmental contamination risks, Ambient range of Environment, Vibrations, operating conditions of non electrical equipment’s, Monitoring of ATEX non electrical parts etc.

Description of Categories under Zone Certifications: Descriptions of Zone Certifications are Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 Certifications. EIWAA offers Zone Certifications of Zone 0 Certification ,Zone 1 Certifications and Zone 2 Certifications.

Category 1 Equipment or Zone 0 Certification: Equipment’s under this category is used in the areas in which explosive atmospheres caused by mixtures of air and gases, Vapors or mist or by air/dust mixtures are present continuously for long periods or frequently. EIWAA s ex survey team or zone certifications experts conduct the site survey of equipment’s and categorized for Zone 0 Certification as pe the ATEX/CompEx Requirements.

Category 2 Equipment or Zone 1 Certification: Categorize the equipment’s intended to use in areas in which explosive atmospheres caused by gases ,vapors, mist or air/dust mixtures are likely to occur .

Category 3 Equipment or Zone 2 Certification: Equipment under category 3 or zone 1 certification equipment’s are the equipment’s intended to use in areas in which explosive atmospheres caused by gases, vapors, mist or air/dust mixtures are not likely to occur.

Container Certification: Third Party Certification of Container or CSC Certification of Port Shipping containers are mandatory in offshore requirements. Shipping container should be have CSC name plate at outside of container. CSC Means Container Safe Certification of containers. CSC Certification of Container tag have the details of GW, Allowable stacking weight, Racking test load, Approval and Manufacturer details.