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Underground Storage tank Calibration:

UST Tank Calibration is an essential requirement for determining  the tank volumetric capacity whether it newly installed/in service requirements. Underground tank calibration is to create volumetric tank table where you can see fuel level in millimeter  and corresponding volume in litres. Without correct calibration system, even the most accurate measurement system will have wrong values.

EIWAA uses advanced laser scanning methodology by EODR method in order to measure the volumetric calibration table preparation of underground storage tank even the underground tank have limited access or in filled conditions. EIWAAs UST tank calibration system includes 3D modeling algorithms,  robot mechanics and laser application with accuracy .It is UST Tank calibration technology that creates tank calibration tables in a short time with high precision. EIWAAs fuel tank calibration technology applied to all underground tank whether it is cylindrical/Rectangular/ horizontal. EIWAA offers ATEX approved laser technology in underground tank calibration suitable for most horizontal/cylindrical /rectangular shape tank to measures the inner diameter,  tank dimension, tank volume ,height ,slope of tank etc. Underground tank calibration system safely capable of calibrating underground fuel tank with high accuracy and precision with short period of time.

Our Advanced ATEX approved laser tank calibration technology offers the following horizontal tank calibrations, Rectangular tank calibration, Cylindrical tank calibrations etc. Our advanced 3D Laser scanning instrument allows determination of all inner dimensions of fuel tank by creating 3D Mathematical model of underground tank for determining the volumetric calibration of underground storage tank. Advantages are tank cannot be empty and in service underground tanks also can measure the volumetric calibration of underground tank with high precision calibration mode. Underground tank calibration chart or dip chart with temperature correction tables are the deliverables of underground tank calibration services.