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EIWAA provides hiring/rental services of Water bags /Load Measuring equipment including : 

Load testing Water bags:EIWAA rents crane load testing water bags in capacities ranging from Five (5) metric tons up to hundred (100) metric tons. In certain water bag rental in Saudi applications, these water bags can be clustered together and stacked, with standard rigging hardware, to achieve test loads of up to 800 metric tons, without the need of spreader beams. Available water bag rental in Saudi Arabia ranges 5 Ton Water bag,20 Ton water bag,35 Ton water bag,50 Ton water bag and 100 Ton water bags. Water bag rental in Saudi Arabia includes handling and delivery at various locations.

Load Cells: EIWAA’s load cell hire fleet using in lifting, weighing and load measurement purposes comprises both compression and tension load cell of capacities ranges from 5 tons to 500 tons.Available calibrated load cells ranges from 5 Ton, 12.5Ton,25Ton, 50 Ton, 100 Ton, 120 and 500 Tonwith transportation.
Calibrated Test weights: EIWAA rents calibrated test weights/ steel blocks of capacity 20 kg and 25 kg for uniformly distributed loading applications in lifting inspection industry. Calibrated steel test blocks with appropriate dimensions made stacking easily.

Gangway test water bags:Individual /Small water bags are used for the testing of gangways, ladders and other long structures. EIWAA provides hiring services of water bags having individual capacities ranges from 400 Liter,650 Liter and 1300 Liter etc.