EIWAA Commits to provide the best Third Party inspection, Lifting Equipment Inspection, NDT Testing, Rope Access Service, Storage tank calibration,  Topographical Survey and 3D Scanning & Revit Modeling Service across the globe……..

Our industry is built on trust and provides inspection, testing, calibration, and surveying engineering services. Starting with your initial contact and continuing on, only an experienced technical support service is suitable of doing this…..

Get in touch with us for Quality & Professional Services.

Why should you choose us for third-party inspection services? Our complete staff is consistently dedicated to responding to inspection inquiries by 24 x 7 to ensure that you receive the best inspection service possible. We can help with any issue, from little project questions to large-scale ones.

Consider using our Storage tank calibration service? No matter what your inquiries are or how minor they may be, our calibration service staff will help you get the calibration service in a short amount of time with the highest quality and dedication.

Choose us for your 3D scanning and Modeling needs?

No matter if you want assistance in a maritime, offshore, industrial, or commercial remote access region or in an unreachable area, our skilled 3D Scanning Engineers will meet your demands using a highly advanced 3D Scanner and assist you in creating Revit Model ,BIM Model and AutoCAD Format.

Looking for Lifting Equipment Inspection and Loose Lifting Gear Inspection.? In order to provide you with the greatest lifting equipment inspection and loose gear inspection service possible, our whole LEEA Approved Inspection crew is continually committed to responding to inspection requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; equipped with water bag of 1 ton to 110 ton & dynamometer load cell of 5 ton to 250 ton.

Do you need a reputable Rope access service? Our Professional IRATA Certified Rope Access Service provides NDT Inspection, Storage tank Inspection, Loose Lifting Gear Inspection, Eddy current Inspection, and Wire Rope MRT Inspection at a glance in Maritime and Offshore. Inspection Crews are ASNT/PCN Qualified IRATA Technicians with expertise in the marine, offshore, and oil & gas industries.

Searching for Welding Training, Welder Certification, and Welder Test..? In accordance with AWS/ASME SEC IX/BE EN standards, our Professional Welding Inspectors carry out the welder training, welder test, welding assessment, followed by the non-destructive testing and destructive testing in our accredited lab facility. Based on the welder qualification result, they issue the Welding Procedure/PQR Qualification Approval, Welder Certificate, and Welder ID Cards with the highest level of quality. We are providing brazing operator training, brazing operator certification, brazing procedure qualification approval, and related mechanical testing requirements in accordance with ASME SEC IX/BE SN standards for brazing operator qualification.

Choose us for the Water bags Rental Services…? For your offshore needs, our offshore rental fleet offers calibrated  water bag, water weight, dynamometer load cell, lifting beam, spreader beam, shackles, and slings with mobilization/demobilization as  a part of Crane load testing inspection requirements in Maritime Industry.



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