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Wire rope Socketing

Lifting Technical Services

Technical services are an integral factor in successful project management. Requiring personnel with experience, expertise, certifications, and relevant training. EIWAA Project Managers are experienced, hands-on managers rather than merely coordinators. As such, they have the knowledge to fully understand the complete scope of your project and manage it from initiation to completion.

EIWAA has developed its own project management approach for wire rope socketing, wire rope renewal, wire rope destructive test and crane wire rope spooling service based on extensive Project Management assignments and claims experience, which gives us a unique and in-depth understanding of what can go wrong on a project. We use this knowledge to identify potential trouble spots on a project before they develop into problems and to recommend or initiate preventive action through strategic planning and controls.

Lifting Approvals (Marine/Offshore)

EIWAA Marine Services in UAE approved by all the Major IACS classification Societies with ISO/IEC 17020 accreditations and Major Port Approvals.

Wire Rope Socketing

Reeving of Crane Wire rope

Wire rope Destructive Test

Rocking motion Test

Wire rope Renewal Services

Wire rope Supply

Major Lifting Technical Supporting Services

As a part of wire rope renewal in ships and vessels, EIWAA Technical services provides Wire rope Sampling, Repocketing, Spooling and De spooling of wire ropes, Color coding, Stenciling, Tagging etc. The wire rope renewal process involves wire rope socketing Services, Wire rope sampling, Wire rope destructive testing service, Wire rope spooling service and Crane Wire rope reeving as part of the safety inspection services. Examples of lifting inspection services that may be included in a pull-out testing service include lifting lug inspection service, pad eye load testing service, pull-out testing service, crane load testing service, bollard pull testing service, anchor bolt pull testing service, test loading, and others.

Rocking motion testing Services are used to find out Crane slew bearing testing and certification of pedestal crane. Cargo Crane and Offshore pedestal crane Inspection shall be performed by Proof load testing services of Water bag load testing Services and Water weights load testing Services after crane wire rope replacement or repair/alteration works. EIWAA is an approved lifting supplier  by Port of Fujairah, Port Khalid, AD Ports, DP World, Port of Jebel Ali to extend our lifting maintenance service support to vessel owners, shipping companies, Rig owners, shipping agencies in UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lifting Technical Services are mainly related to the wire rope renewal services and wire rope replacement services. As a Marine Survey Service provider, we provide a broad range of marine third-party inspection services, including Lifting equipment load testing, lifting gear inspection service, crane load testing service, water bag load testing service, cargo gear testing service, towing gear inspection services and more.

Regarding crane luffing wire rope spooling service ,always consider the crane is down /lowering boom, Is it’s a routine replacement or emergency, construction details of wire rope, Diameter and length of replacement rope, End fittings of wire rope, Spooling wire rope on winch drum etc. as per wire rope replacement guidelines. OEM Wire rope Installation Procedures, Offshore Crane wire rope replacement
period, crane wire rope replacement criteria as per crane wire rope standards should follow and inspect the crane wire rope termination details, Crane wire rope damage, Crane wire rope falls etc. Crane wire rope lubrication and crane wire rope greasing shall be performed by high pressure lubrication system as a part of wire rope spooling service.

Socketing process includes measurement of socket bowl, sliding socket into wire rope, seizing wire,
broom wire rope ends, cleaning of wire rope end, pulling broom into socket bowl, sealing, mixing wire lock compound, pouring resin mixture or wire lock compound and hold it for idling period to cure.

Installing spelter socket includes Closed Spelter socket and Open spelter socket are used depends upon the wire rope end fitting and wire rope termination criteria. Onsite Wire rope socketing services of up to 102 mm can performed by approved socketing technicians as a part of wire rope installation and repairing services. After wire rope socketing services at onboard, will perform wire rope breaking load test /wire rope proof load test to know the wire rope load ratings as per the wire rope load test procedure.

After wire rope non-destructive testing by wire rope NDT Testing equipment and subsequent wire rope damage inspection Wire rope Sampling may be performed for wire rope renewal test. Wire rope damage is based on various wire rope damage criteria. Wire rope sampling includes removal of wire rope at least 6m in length and socketing of wire ropes at both ends by spelter socket.

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