• February 22, 2024
  • Crystal Plaza, Sharjah, UAE



One stop solution for Inspection, Testing, Calibration, Surveying Services, Training and Certification in Marine Services and Oil & Gas Service Industries.


  • P.O Box:41524, Sharjah
  • P.O Box:25859, Al Jabri , Dubai,
  • P.O Box:28346, Abu Dhabi
  • P.O Box: 39988, Al Hayl, Fujairah


  • info@eiwaagroup.com

Sectors We Serve:

MARINE & OFFSHORE: In Marine and Offshore Services, we are committed to provide Lifting Equipment Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing, Rope Access, Volumetric Scanning,3D Laser Scanning and Modeling.
CIVIL & ARCHITECTURE: Providing Engineering Design Services,3D Scanning, LiDAR Scanning, Topographical Survey, Total Station Survey, Asbuilt Survey, Revit BIM Modeling, Structural Steel Design Service and many more.
OIL & GAS: Major Oil and Gas Services are Power plant 3D Scanning, Spider Access, Non-Destructive Testing, Storage Tank Calibration, Laser Measurement Services etc.

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EIWAA Commits to provide the best Third Party inspection, Lifting Equipment Inspection Services, NDT Testing, Rope Access Service, Storage tank calibration, Topographical Survey, Water Weights Rental Services,3D Scanning & Revit BIM 3D Modeling Service, Training and Certification Services across the globe…

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