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Welding codes and standards address all aspects of design and fabrication of welded components, including welding procedure specifications, quality control and quality assurance during welding and necessary welding skills for a given welding procedure in all industry sectors. Compliance to these welding codes is therefore a must. Our welding inspectors are aware of what codes or standards are applicable in a certain area and understand the requirements of the relevant document. As one of the top welding training centers in UAE, EIWAA offers a range of Welding courses as well as welding certification services in UAE. 

We can perform various qualification and testing services to verify that the welder or welding operator can make welds within the scope of that standard or that the instructions in the welding procedure specifications are accurate. We provide welding procedures for welding compliance with the American Welding Society (AWS), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Petroleum Institute (API),ISO 3834, EN 1090, EN 15085, or DIN 2303.

Your Nearest Third-Party Welding Skill analysis and welding competency testing Centre

Welding skill test is intended for People who want to know where to go next and are not known of their current ability level and those who are new to the field and wish to test their abilities by enrolling in a lower-level course. Subsequent to the third-party welding assessment, welders needs to certify or qualify to do the welding for various structural welding code. A variety of welding certification services in UAE, including TIG Welder Certification, Arc Welder Certification, and MIG/MAG Welder certification.

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Welding Training

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Why EIWAA Marine Services?

EIWAA Marine service provides frequent public session programs for certifying welders from various Marine classification members in UAE and through utilizing this program; welder become as BV/IRS/ABS approved. As a welding training institute in the United Arab Emirates accredited by AWS, we offer a range of third party welder certification services including welding procedure qualification, approvals for procedures, radiography test NDT testing, ultrasonic scanning, mechanical testing of weld specimens, welding qualification testing, and welding certification.

As a 3rd Party welder testing service provider of welding certification services in UAE, we provide welding instruction and welder training in accordance with BS EN, AWS/ASME SEC IX, and pipe welder qualification tests, among other welding certification services. Our open sessions help marine companies in the United Arab Emirates certify their welders as IACS Certified Welders.As per ADNOC/ARAMCO/IACS Standards, our third-party welder testing company in the United Arab Emirates certifies welders at various levels. Major Oil & Gas companies in the United Arab Emirates have approved us for third-party welder qualification in Oil and Gas Services.

Frequently Asked Questions?

EIWAA Marine service is ADNOC Approved welder training centre offers Third Party welder certification, 3rd Party Welder Test, Welding procedure Qualification and Procedure Qualification Record for various welding processes. Our Various Refresher training programs help recertification for X Ray welding and Pipe welding certification. Supportive Welding testing services of Radiography Testing, Tensile Test, Bend Test and Charpy V Notch Impact Test also included in the welding package. Welder Certification Services and Welder ID Cards also provide for individual welders those who prove their welding competency at various welding positions of 1G/1F-2G/2F-3G/3F/4G-4G-5G-6G.

Third party certification of welders and approved Welding procedures are mandatory for all structural projects to ensure/meet the project specification requirements as well as to ensure a sound quality welding from contractors. Pipe welding is a method of joining two pipes by fusion welding and generic pipe welding is MIG Welding & TIG Welding. Pipe welder is those who qualify to do the pipe welding and provide quality sound weld.

AWS and ASME SEC IX Welder certificate will expire at 6 month and it needs to renew every 6 month based on the continuous satisfactory records. For BS EN ISO Welder certificate may expired at 1 year from the date of issuance.

3rd Party welder test certification covers the scope of welder assessment test as per various welding position and welding process, Radiography, Macro Test, welder certificate, Welder ID Card etc.

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