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PRV Inspection

EIWAA provides testing and certification of pressure relief valves and pressure monitoring devices to the global oil and gas industry. We work in line with recognized relevant international standards such as API specification and IACS governing bodies requirements and/or client procedures as applicable. Our teams of calibration/ testing technicians are able to work at your facility; alternatively, we can test the applicable items in our nearest shore based facility.

Individual certificates will be made available for each PRV or gauge and a register of all examined and calibrated items will be made available in the comprehensive reporting package. We are capable of calibrating both digital and analogue gauges if information relating to the OEM fittings and components are made available. Individual certificates will be made available for each gauge and a register of all examined and calibrated items will also be made available in the comprehensive reporting.

PRV Calibration Services in UAE

Pressure Relief valves (PRVs) guard against excessive internal pressure in pressure vessels and pipe systems. The PRV opens, a portion of the media discharges, and the pressure inside the system falls to a safe limit when it reaches a predetermined pressure. The valve closes when the pressure reaches the reseating set point.

Using a certified test gauge and system medium (air or nitrogen), test and set the PRV/PSV to its lifting and resetting pressure. 10% +/- 5% more than the valve lifting pressure is required for the resetting pressure. Switch Seat tightness must be achieved for a minimum of five minutes or in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Test pressure at the inlet must be maintained at 90% of the set pressure in order to assess seat tightness. Onsite calibration services at offshore are PRV Calibration Services, Gas Detector Calibration Services and Ship tank calibration Services.

PRV Calibration

PSV Calibration

Onsite Gauge Calibration

Onsite PRV Gauge Calibration

Pressure relief valves can be fully inspected by an approved valve repair company, reset, and VR marked. Before the valve may be reset, some repairs might be required. For instance, the valve might require a new spring. By qualified repair and maintenance technicians with offshore safety certification and experienced in calibration services. PSV calibration and PRV Calibration services are provided on-site at offshore rigs and vessels. Set the pressure at the pressure gauge or test gauge that is closest to the required set pressure before beginning PRV testing at offshore rigs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Offshore on-site valve repair and maintenance team will provide these services, and all are BOSIET/H2s certified with offshore safety certification.

We can ensure a high standard of pressure relief valve inspection and maintenance in a controlled environment because our PRV containers are self-sufficient. All our PRV Technicians experienced in fluid and air pressure testing experience as well as understanding of API and ASME Standards.

Up to 1" inlet pressure relief valves, testing by Pop pressure is only required at Offshore Rigs. By considering offshore safety services. Devices with an inlet larger than 1” must be tested by reset/blowdown.

In accordance with international standards and manufacturer recommendations, EIWAA offers Drilling Contractors an on-site testing and calibration service for Temperature Units, Pressure Units, and Pressure Safety / Relief Valves. To assist with and streamline the inspection, testing, certification, and calibration, we provide specialized testing containers (10 feet by 8 feet).

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