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NDT inspection services

Advanced NDT Inspection

To assist oil and gas as well as pipeline contractors; EIWAA Oil and Gas Services offers a variety of cutting-edge non-destructive inspection technologies of ACFM Inspection, Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection, Eddy Current Inspection, Pipeline Leak Testing Services etc. Eddy Current Testing of weld joints is used an alternative to the magnetic Particle Testing and is the preferable when the weld surface is painted/coating condition. ACFM Inspection by Rope Access Services is widely used in naval/offshore rigs, ships and vessels. Every NDT technician possesses the necessary qualifications from IRATA and ASNT Level II/PCN/ISO certifications.

Eddy Current Tube Inspection for chillers, Boilers and Heat Exchangers are widely used for corrosion thickness evaluation of tubes. Pipeline Leak Test by Acoustic Emission method is used to determine the leak testing of underground pipeline when the piping discharge pressure is 2 to 3 bar and is filled with product. As the name suggests, we offer a variety of NDT services under the Advanced inspection, including ACFM inspection Services, EMAG inspection Services, wire rope NDT inspection, storage tank bottom floor scanning as a part of Storage tank inspection, Noise Monitoring, acoustic emission leak testing of underground pipelines, and eddy current testing (weld) and eddy current chiller tube inspection.

Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection

EIWAA Oil and Gas Services offers Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection Services for measuring the average remaining wall thickness within the examined area (footprint) . Wall thickness can be measured using any non-conductive material up to 250 mm thick, such as insulation, paint, bitumen, dirt, ice, or sludge, without the need for direct contact. Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection is able to measure the thickness of steel without surface preparation. There is no need to remove deposits, corrosion products or paint. This is obviously a key feature when inspecting the surface casing of an offshore well since surface preparation would be extremely difficult to implement due to the restricted access. Non-conducting and non-magnetic materials like insulation material, concrete, plastics, etc, do not influence the PEC signal and are therefore irrelevant to the Pulsed Eddy Current inspection.
Pulsed Eddy Current Testing can also measure through corrosion products (i.e. iron oxides), provided there is a gap between PEC probe and corrosion product of 20mm. PEC can even inspect through aluminum and stainless-steel insulation covers. Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection Services shall be applicable for corrosion under fireproofing, Splash zone of offshore structures, Subsea pipelines, Ship Hull and high temperature wall thickness monitoring.

NDT Services (Oil and Gas)

EIWAA Oil and Gas Services is the approved NDT Supplier in Oil and Gas Services for performing advanced NDT Services with ADNOC approvals. We provide Thermography Testing Services , Eddy current tube inspection Services, Noise Testing, Lux Survey, and Vibration Monitoring services under Predictive Maintenance Inspection Services. To analyze electrical switch boards or panel boards, thermography testing services are utilized. Vibration Analysis Service is used to evaluate condition monitoring services, while Lux Survey is utilized for power audits. 

Non-destructive testing and non-destructive evaluation services are provided by EIWAA Marine Services, a reputable Third party inspection company in the United Arab Emirates, for both oil and gas and marine services. All of the major UAE ports, including the Port of Fujairah, the Port of Jebelali, the Port of Khalid, and the AD Ports, have accepted us as Third Party Inspection Services. Our approval has been granted by the leading IACS Classification societies for Marine NDT Services, which include Bureau Veritas (BV), Indian Registrar of Shipping (IRS), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).We provide MPI Testing, Vacuum Box Testing Services, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (UTG), Ultrasonic Scanning Inspection (UT Scanning), and Dye Penetrant Testing under Conventional NDT Services.

Eddy Current test

ACFM Inspection

Eddy Current tube Inspection

Short Range UT Scanning

Pipeline leak Test

Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection

NDT Approvals (Marine/Offshore)

EIWAA Marine NDT Services in UAE approved by all the Major IACS classification Societies with ISO/IEC 17020 accreditations and Major Port Approvals. When normal access is not an option for NDT testing services, rope access service is using to fulfil the requirements. In offshore rigs and vessels, spider access services are typically utilized for pre-post non-destructive testing (NDT) services such as Pedestal crane load testing or lifting equipment inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eddy Current is a well-known NDT Inspection method used to detect surface and near surface cracks of conductive material/offshore structures even the structural members are covered with paint. For eddy current testing, no need to remove the paint as a part of surface preparation.

ACFM stands for Alternating Current Field Measurement. The necessity to evaluate offshore buildings without removing protective coatings gave rise to the invention of alternating current field measurement (ACFM), which was derived from eddy current testing techniques. ACFM Inspection by Rope Access is quite common methods in marine field, especially offshore rigs and ships. Most of the in-service weld joints of offshore structures were covered by paint coating and marine growth. ACFM Inspection is important in marine to get the accurate result even the structural members are covered by paint or by marine growth.

As per API 653 Storage tank Inspection service; Minor Inspection Requirement is 1 Year & periodic Inspection requirement is every 5-year Interval by External inspection of storage tank with additional supplementary NDT Method of UT Gauging of shell & other appurtenances, Foundation settlement survey etc. Every 10 Year interval, Major Inspection of NDT/NDE of storage tank as per API 653 In service Inspection must perform for both internal as well as External Inspection of storage tank.

  • Magnetic Flux leakage MFL Inspection & STARS
  • Eddy Current Array Inspection
  • Manual UT Scanning
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
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