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Storage tank calibration

Storage Tank Strapping

Calibration is the process of accurately determining the capacity or partial capacities of a tank and expressing this capacity as a volume for a given linear increment or height of liquid. In other words, tank calibration also means measuring storage tanks, horizontal bullets, spherical tanks, vats, casks, barges, ship tanks and liquid bulk containers. These measurements provide the necessary dimensions for calculation of calibration charts. Storage tank Volume calibration Services in UAE is required for every 5 years for the smooth operation of oil and gas companies.

EIWAA’s innovative laser-calibration measurement technology helps companies to reduce time and costs of tank management, as well as offering precise storage tank calibration to the appropriate international standards published by the International Standards Organization (ISO) or by the American Petroleum Institute (API). We can calibrate any tanks, regardless of shapes and sizes. Using the latest technology for tank calibration, engineers and technicians are highly skilled and equipped with state-of- the-art measuring devices

Underground Storage tank Calibration

EIWAA provides accurate tank calibration data and supply dip stick along with the tank calibration chart and strapping chart for precise dip tape measurement. 3D Laser scan tank calibration by 3D laser tank calibration equipment is automatically measure the tank volume at different height and process the 3D Laser scan data by Trimble Real Works Advanced softwares.3D Laser scan tank calibration is accurate and precise determination of tank volume without any error.

Storage Tank Calibration

Tank Strapping

EODR Tank Calibration

Storage tank Strapping Services

Manual strapping (MSM) is an old tank volume calibration method by measuring circumference of each course of storage tank using strapping tape. EIWAA following various tank strapping services to measure the storage tank volume by providing tank strapping table, calibration table, tank strapping chart etc. For a newly constructed storage tank, volume calculation or capacity measurement is mandatory in all aspects as per API 650 Standard and API MPMS 2.2D. For storage tank volume measurement service , we can categorize the onsite calibration methods are Manual storage tank strapping services and EODR Online storage tank calibration service. 

EODR or Electro optical distance ranging method can evaluate by advanced Total station Survey or laser measurement service of 3D Scanning Services. For Safe fill height calculation or Tank capacity calculation shall be by advanced remote sensing method of 3D Laser scanning technology. LiDAR Scanning Services of storage tank terminals creates to prepare the asbuilt drawing preparations and Storage tank Verticality Survey. Supportive onsite calibration Services in Marine Services are Ship tank calibration Services, Barge Tank Calibration Services, Ship Sounding Survey, Ullage Survey Services etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

EIWAA Oil and Gas Services uses an accurate tank calibration method by using advanced tank edition software. Advanced robotic total stations along with 3D Scanner used for 3D Laser calibration services. Processing of 3D Laser scan data by advanced Tanking solution software.

Timely Response, Providing precise and accurate tank calibration measurement with accurate calibration chart, strapping chart, Dip chart, Supply Dip stick etc.

By using EODR calibration, we can measure the tank volume by advanced total station or 3D Scanner by external scanning when the tank is filled with product.

Using advanced robotic total stations and 3D Scanners for external tank scanning and calculate the tank volume by Trimble Real Works software. Preferable method is EODR 3D Laser tank calibration.

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