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Hydro Test service

Pressure Testing Inspection

EIWAA offers pressure testing of pipelines, Vessels, Elbows, Hoses, Cargo Hoses, Pipelines, Pipe spools, Control Valves, Actuators, Oil Suction Hoses, Water Hoses, Skids, Pressure Vessel, Manifolds, Air compressors, etc. Pipe spools and chambers either by using water (Hydro Testing) or by Air (Pneumatic Test). Our non-destructive testing services, welding inspection, painting inspection, pipeline pressure and hydro testing, pipeline integrity, and other services are all included in our third-party inspection services in UAE.

A Pressure test conducted to prove the integrity of pressure vessel with the use of liquid medium is known as Hydro test or hydrostatic test. The fluid used in the flushing or hydrostatic testing operation which is normally clean /fresh water or treated fluid. (Where applicable a suitable corrosion inhibitor, chloride-controlled water, combination, or mixture of such are used to prevent the possibility of damage due to the adverse effect of water on the pressure vessel material of its product service). Pressure Test carried out to prove the integrity of pressure vessel, nozzle, Chamber, reinforcement pads etc. with the use of dry compressed air or inert gas and water / soap solution is called Pneumatic Test.

Hydro Testing Service

Hydro testing services are required to employ a test pressure 1.5 times higher than the design pressure or to take both the design and test temperatures into account. Two pressure gauges, along with chart recorders, are used to monitor and indicate the pressure ranges. Pressure gauges should be hydro tested using a separate nozzle from the hydrotest pump at the top of the vessel. The safety inspections performed by the Hydrotest also check for obstruction points, adequate gaskets, nuts, and stud bolts. 

Pipeline Hydro test

Pressure Vessel Hydro test

API 570 Piping Inspection

Pressure Testing Service

A pneumatic test uses air, nitrogen, or any other non-flammable and harmless gas, whereas a hydrostatic test uses water as the test medium. Unless pneumatic tests can be justified, pressure tests must be hydrostatic. Pressure testing must always be conducted under supervision, in accordance with a test plan that has been approved, and with documentation in a test record. Multiple comparable tests may be conducted using a single authorized test plan, but each test must have its own test record.

EIWAA always uses calibrated pressure gauges, chart recorders, and temperature/pressure test recorders in accordance with the specifications of the ASME/API Code. API 570 Standards require the use of ultrasonic thickness gauging for pipeline inspection services in order to conduct corrosion surveys and pipeline remaining life assessments. According to API 650/API 653; Fit to Use Evaluation of Storage tank inspection and pipeline testing is related to each other for the majority of oil and gas services. Hydro Testing Service in UAE covers the scope of NDT Testing and deflection dimensional measurements of pipeline and piping pressure testing & certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you prefer the best hydro testing services, it is always EIWAA Pressure Testing services for inspection
testing and certification of pressure carrying components. Acoustic emission NDT Testing Services is responsible for providing leak detection Services and underground pipeline leak testing services in oil and Gas companies . 

Pressure temperature chart is a permanent record of pressure test and piping inspection services. As a civil defense approved company, third party certification of storage tank and piping shall be performed by hydro testing and pressure testing, NDT Inspection of Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing and Penetrant Testing.

To mark off the areas for the hydro test, use tigger tape and caution signs. The parts of a system should never be hydro tested against a closed valve. While the hydro test pressure is being built, maintain a minimum distance of 3 meters (m) between the vessel and any additional fittings (flanges, couplings).Consider using a suitable wetting agent when hydro testing large vessels to eliminate surface tension and air pockets .Build up the hydro test pressure gradually so that the piping has time to equalize tensions prior to the hydro test.

Radiography Test or Ultrasonic Testing is the best NDT Method prior to use pressure test.

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