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Welding courses

Welding Course

EIWAA is one of the best Welding Training Centre in UAE by conducting various welding courses and Welding Certification Services. The goal of the welding course is to introduce students to the information, abilities, and job options in the welding industry. In addition to safety, weld testing, and the effects of welding heat on metals, there is a focus on the technical and practical applications of shielded metal arc welding, flux core arc welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and oxyfuel-acetylene cutting processes. The utilization of elements in a detailed design will be demonstrated by students, and they will also understand welding symbols from a detailed drawing.

Students will also be able to recognize and employ the fundamental weld positions, joints, and kinds. Students will be able to recognize and explain oxy-fuel cutting. Students will show how to safely assemble and disassemble oxy-fuel equipment. The use of oxy-fuel for cutting, adjusting, and lighting will be demonstrated by the students. Students will be able to recognize and comprehend the typical risks associated with oxy-fuel cutting. Different levels of Welding Certification Services in UAE are TIG Welding certification Services, Arc Welder Certification Services, MIG/MAG Welding Certification Services etc.

Welder Training Approvals (Marine/Offshore)

EIWAA Marine Services in UAE approved by all the Major IACS classification Societies with ISO/IEC 17020 accreditations and AWS Approvals. As welder training certification body, will provide a sample specimen drawing of welding test coupon which includes the dimension of thickness, welding bevel angle, root face and root gap details. Test coupon should be fit up properly and welding inspector will inspect the weld test coupon prior to the welding if any misalignment, root gap etc.

Our Public sessions facilitate all major marine companies in UAE for qualifying their welders as IACS Certified welders. Our 3rd Party welder testing services, Qualify welders at different levels as per ADNOC/ARAMCO/IACS Standards. In third party welder qualification at Oil and Gas Services, we are approved by Major Oil & Gas companies. Welder Certificate and Welder ID Cards will be issued based on the WPS Qualification as well as PQR Qualification.

Pipe Welder Qualification

TIG Welding

Arc Welding

Welding Procedure Qualification

Procedure Qualification

6G Welding Qualification

Why EIWAA Marine Services?

Welding Inspector will witness the welding of welder in the specific welding position and record the welding parameters of current, voltage, travel speed, preheat temperature, inter pass temperature at each and every welding layer. Visually Qualified weld coupon will select for Radiography testing as well as mechanical testing for Procedure Qualification Record. Once the result is meet with the relevant code requirements of AWS/ASME/BS EN standards of quality sound weld, will start the process of Procedure Qualification Record. WPS Welding Procedure will prepare based the PQR Qualification records. 

As an AWS Accredited Welding Training Institute in UAE, our services are Welding procedure Qualification, Procedure Qualification approvals, NDT Testing Services of Radiography Test ,Ultrasonic Scanning, Mechanical Testing of weld specimen, Welder Qualification Testing Services, Welder Certification Services etc. As a third party welder certification services in UAE, we offers welding courses and welding training for Pipe welder Qualification Test, 6G Welder Qualification Testing Services etc.as per AWS/ASME SEC IX and BS EN Standards. Our Brazing Qualification Testing Services helps HVAC Companies to certify their brazing operators in different brazing positions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As a third-party inspection and certification service, we are dealing with all the major IACS classification societies to make the welder certified. By providing refresher training facilities and welder skill testing improvement program, make the basic welder as different categories of Pipe welder, Arc Welder, X Ray welder, TIG Welder, SMAW Welder Etc.

EIWAA is the authorized welding training center across middle east for providing WPS, PQR, Welder Certificate, Welding Ticket, Welder ID Card etc. for all welding positions as per internationally accredited welding codes and standards.

Competency Welder certification levels are beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Beginner level is a welder who capable to perform tack welding in structures. Intermediate welders are Butt welding Qualified welder who are capable to do welding position of 1G,2G,3G,4G,5G and 6G Qualification. Advanced Level welders are qualified welders to perform 6GR Position and other advanced welding techniques.

EIWAA Oil and Gas Services is the authorized Welder Training Centre in UAE for providing welder certification as well as brazer certification. The Welding certification package includes WPS,PQR,NDT Testing, Mechanical Testing, Welder Certificate and Welder ID Card etc. Welder certificates are approved by Major Marine classification societies like ABS, BV,LR and IRS. In Oil and Gas Services, our welder certificates are approved by Major Oil Companies of ADNOC And ARAMCO.

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