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Dropped Object Survey

Despite significant efforts by the oil and gas sector to lower the hazards, objects falling from heights continues to be one of the most frequent causes of offshore accidents. Every dropped object control and prevention management system must include Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) surveys and inspections. By performing a thorough dropped item survey of dangerous places, EIWAA can assist in preventing a possible dropped object from becoming another unwanted safety statistic. To create a thorough hazards inventory list that is complemented by photos, we do a thorough search of every location.

Dropped object inspections are carried out by EIWAA using apps and packages that are internally designed. We carry out programs in compliance with DROPS society principles, EIWAA’s Falling Objects and Securing of Equipment method, and regulatory and client needs. The latter includes the following specifications for creating and keeping incident-prevention procedures in place.

Operational Requirements of Dropped Object Survey

EIWAA Marine offers Drops Survey Services by Rope Access Services approved by all the Major IACS classification Societies with ISO/IEC 17020 accreditations and Major Port Approvals.

Offshore Rigs


Sub Structures

Applications of Drops Survey

EIWAA Marine Services offers Drops Survey in Offshore Rigs and Vessels by IRATA Approved Rope Access Technicians. EIWAA is the one stop solution for Dropped Object Survey, Bolt Torquing, Rope Access, Lifting Equipment Inspection and NDT Services. We usually include the following topics in an extensive survey; however, we can tailor it to your particular needs:

EIWAA Rope Access Team is approved by all the major IACS Classification societies and Major Ports of UAE including Port of Fujairah, Jebel Ali Port ,Port Khalid and AD Ports. All the Bolt torquing Technicians are qualifying by IRATA Certifications as well as ASNT Level II/PCN/ISO Certifications. EIWAA Marine Service is an enclave of LEEA Inspection Engineers, IRATA Rope Access Specialists and ASNT/PCN/ISO NDT Technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drops Survey includes the position of the equipment by inspection area, taking pictures of every item being surveyed, describing every survey item, Examining, and recording the main security techniques, Examining, and recording backup security measures and DROPS corrective actions.

The goal of the Dropped Object Study is to determine the potential consequences of dropped objects on the facility's and the workers safety. Structures need to be sufficiently safeguarded to withstand the impact energy if the misplaced object causes an incident or accident. This analysis's focus is on the risks that arise from lifting activities carried out during routine maintenance and operation, which may lead to containment loss and asset damage.

Drops Survey Services in offshore Rigs covers Masts & Derricks, Journey/Drilling Tool Communications Mast Sub-structure, Legs & Jack House, Equipment for Rigs, Deck of Moon Pool with Gantry Cranes, Columns of Legs, Stacks of flares, Structure of Helideck, interior spaces, such as a sack room or mud room, Accommodation areas etc.

Items left at height after construction work; weather-damaged items; tar deposits on drilling derricks; vibration-loosened items; damaged fittings and fixtures or lack of secondary retention; non-conforming items, such as a loose kick plate; and any other potential drops specified by clients are all included in the Drops Object Survey. Conduct annual fallen object surveys before operations and after construction, Documentation etc.

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