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Lifting Appliances Inspection

Life Saving Appliances

Life Saving/Lifting Appliances Inspection includes Life Boat Inspection, Life raft Inspection, Breathing Apparatus, EEBD’s, Life  Jackets/Buoys, Immersion Suit, Billy Pough, Davits etc. EIWAA’s third party marine survey engineers are experienced to perform the annual inspection and Certification of Rescue boat and davit systems. As a part of third-party Inspection, we are performing maintenance as well as servicing of rescue boat davit. EIWAA s third party Inspection and certification team provides testing, inspection, Marine survey and certification of Fire Fighting Appliances in rigs and Ships/Vessels.

Cargo Gear Testing Services shall be performed annually and/or biannually as a part of marine survey and it compliance with the requirements of LOLER. Our custom-made anchor bolt pull out testing services serves all of major marine ports in middle East.

Lifting Approvals (Marine/Offshore):

EIWAA Marine Services in UAE approved by all the Major IACS classification Societies with ISO/IEC 17020 accreditations and Major Port Approvals.

Lifting Appliances Inspection

Towing Gear Inspection

Lifeboat Davit Inspection

Life Raft Davit Inspection

Gangway Load test

Accommodation Ladder

Major Services of Life Saving/Lifting Appliances Inspection

In Marine lifting Inspection Services, EIWAA Provides 3 rd Party Inspection and Certification of life saving appliances inspection by Water bags, sausage bags with LEEA Approved Inspection Engineers for Annual Inspection and Periodic Inspections. Major Marine Survey services in Life Saving appliances Inspection and Lifting accessories inspection are Cargo gear inspection Services, Towing Gear Inspection Service, Water bag load testing service, Pad eye load testing services, Davit load testing Inspection Services etc. Inspection and Periodic Inspections.

Offshore Services

As an offshore company for providing Lifting inspection service, we offer a wide range of marine third party inspection services of equipment load testing services, lifting gear inspection, crane load testing services, water bag load testing services, cargo gear testing services , towing gear inspection services, and more. The LOLER, PUWER, LEEA, and IMO regulations are followed by Water Weights load testing services when performing proof load testing services of pedestal cranes, pull out testing services in maritime ports and offshore locations.

EIWAA is approved life saving appliances inspection services by Port of Fujairah, Port Khalid, AD Ports, DP World, Port of Jebel Ali to extending our lifting inspection service supports to vessel owners, shipping companies, Rig owners, shipping agencies in UAE. The Wire rope socketing, sampling, destructive testing, and spooling/despooling services that are included in wire rope renewal process as a part of safety inspection services. A pull-out testing service may include lifting lug inspection, pad eye load testing, pull-out testing, crane testing, Bollard testing, anchor bolt testing, test loading, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our water weight rental services, which include spreading bars, lifting plans, rigging plans, water bag rental services, load testing bag hiring services, and other services, satisfy the demands of lifting inspection services and lifting accessory inspection services everywhere in the globe.

Winch brake Rendering test can be performed by winch brake rendering test kit as per rendering test
procedure. Brake Holding Testing Service is sometime called windlass brake rendering test. To ensure
winch brake rendering capacity, a hydraulic jacking system with brake holding test kit apply hydraulic force of 60% SDMBL to the first layer of the rope. Difference between brake holding capacity and brake rendering capacity is, In brake holding test determine the maximum brake holding capacity and is generally 80% of SDMBL.

Purpose of anchor bolt Pull-Out Test is to verify the tensile strength of anchor bolt when it is in the installed condition by applying a tensile load using a portable anchor bolt pull testing equipment and measure the deflection against the gradually applied load either by strain gauge or any alternative
method. For an anchor bolt pull testing service, our custom-made pull testing equipment is used for testing purposes with sufficient SWL.As a part of Cargo gear Testing services, EIWAA carrying out the inspection annually and/or every 6 months.

Towing Gear Inspection – The inspector will do a thorough examination of the towing gears & will make sure whether the towing gears are suitable for pulling and pushing alongside. Cargo Gear Testing services is also known as Lifting Gear Inspection or towing gear inspection service.

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