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  • ICAD III, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Laser Measurement UAE

Laser Measurement

EIWAA Laser Measurement Service by LiDAR Technology offers Dimensional Services in Ship, Rig, Vessels and Oil Gas Pipelines as well as 3D Measurement services of Storage tank with 3D Imaging technique. A precise 3D measurement services called Dimensional Control will enable off-site prefabrication of components to the right dimensions, enabling on-site installation with a minimum amount of site preparation, welding, or changes.

EIWAA provides 3D Laser Measurement Service by thorough data collection through 3D laser scanning service Methodology which include point cloud surveys that are carried out with the help of the most recent 3D laser scanning service. Power plant 3D Scanning requires the use of a high-speed 3D scanner with a long range and a high level of accuracy for measuring the as built conditions and to generate as built drawings. By utilizing 3D measurement services can be very advantageous for engineers working on power plants. As built drawings preparation is the process of collecting data in a 360 deg. sweep of pipelines, industrial equipment and storage tank.

Laser dimensional services and laser dimension measurement

We can quickly and efficiently collect a lot of field data using our high-resolution 3D digital capture tools. Several on-site, high resolution 3D laser scans are taken as part of the procedure and can be processed right away for analysis. To achieve this a high-definition 3D Laser dimension scanner is used for laser dimensional survey and laser dimensional services. As one of the best oil and gas companies in UAE, Our 3D Dimensional control and Dimensional measurement system offers accurate laser measurement services of storage tank in Major Oil Companies of UAE.

Laser Measurement Services in oil & gas services covers storage tank dimensional services of tank verticality check, Storage tank Roundness Survey, Tank straightness measurement, Storage tank peaking and Banding by accredited Software’s of Trimble, FARO  etc. 3D Measurement of storage tank shall be find out API 650 storage tank Inspection standards and ADNOC/ARAMCO Standards as a reference.3D Scanner, Total station and Level gauge shall be used for accurate dimensional results of storage tank and Piping.

Ship Dimensional Control

Storage tank Dimensional

Offshore Survey

Why EIWAA Marine Services for Ship Dimensional Measurements?

An overall ship length measurement (LOA) in feet and inches is given. It is calculated by measuring the distance between the extreme ends of the ship & bow and stern. While this gives the ship a suitable geometric measurement, the prow and other components of the ship that sit farther ahead of the furthest point of the deck are included in this measurement, which makes it less effective for measuring the amount of useable space aboard the ship.

Our 3D modeling services offer as-bult engineering results and precise 3D laser measuring services. In addition to providing basic naval architectural services for marine retrofitting possibilities, we also offer 3D laser surveying services for BWTS scanning, ballast water treatment system installation, hull air lubrication system 3D laser scanning, and EGCS scanning. 3D Rendering, 3D Visualization, and 3D Modeling include a variety of services such as Ship Sounding, Manual Sounding, Ship Tank Ullage Survey, Ship and Barge Tank Calibration, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

EIWAA Laser Measurement service plays a vital role in dimensional measurements for both Marine and Oil & Gas Services companies. EIWAA is one of the leading marine survey companies in the United Arab Emirates, providing LiDAR Scanning Service, 3D Laser Scanning Services and marine laser scanning services for all types of maritime retrofitting and conversion engineering solutions.

3D Laser measurement scanner like FARO 3D Scanner and Leica scanners used with LiDAR Scanning methodology used to measure tank dimension of tank roundness measurement and tank roundness check with accurate 3D laser measurement methodology as per API 650/API 653 Tank dimensional services.

3D Laser measurement scanner like FARO 3D Scanner and Leica scanners used with LiDAR Scanning methodology used to measure tank dimension of tank straightness, tank verticality survey and tank roundness measurement, tank straightness measurement etc.as per API 650/API 653 Tank dimensional measurement

Pressure Vessel dimension inspection by 3D Scanning covers the measurement scope of out of roundness of shell, nozzles and attachment orientation, projection, elevation and levelness, head dimension etc.

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