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Ship Sounding Survey

Ship Cargo calibration is a method of determining the cargo tank volume accurately in order to determine the exact cargo or products whether in liquid or solid form. Cargo Calibration is the process of collecting cargo tank measurements and calculating accurate tank capacity based on these cargo tank calibration measurements. Sounding is the depth of liquid in a tank measured from the liquid surface to some reference point at the bottom of the tank . As a part of cargo tank calibrations, ship may require sounding table or ullage survey reports for loading/discharging the products.

Sounding table or trip capacity table in cargo ships can calculate by EIWAAs advanced tank gauging system software by our experienced naval architects/Marine Engineers. Final calibration tables in ullage and image (sounding) are made along with correction for ship list and Trim which is very essential when ship is not on an even keel.

Ship Tank Calibration

Two types of sounding methods are automatic and manual sounding surveys. Manual sounding is measuring the depth of tank by inserting sounding tape in the sounding pipe and lower the bob until it touches in bottom. Onsite calibration Services in Marine Services are Ship tank calibration Services, Barge Tank Calibration Services, offshore surveying services, Ship Sounding Survey, Ullage Survey Services etc. Ship Sounding Services in UAE required for every 5 years for the smooth operation of cargo tanks as per IMO Regulations.

Sounding survey

Sounding survey

Cargo Calibration

Ullage Survey

Ships and Vessel cargo tank calibration as per sounding/ullage booklet basis for different increment level and trim will be the part of the deliverable. Cargo tank ullage report is a detailed analysis of each cargo tank’s ullage, Trim Correction Temperature, Expansion Coefficient and Volume correction factor etc.

EODR or Electro optical distance ranging method can evaluate by advanced Total station Survey or laser measurement service of ship/vessel tank by remote sensing 3D Scanning. For Safe fill height calculation or Tank capacity calculation shall be by advanced remote sensing method of 3D Imaging and 3D Modeling Services. LiDAR Scanning Services of cargo tank for onsite calibration services creates to prepare the asbuilt drawing preparations and ullage survey. Offshore Services of 3D Rendering creates asbuilt models of tanks and marine structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

EIWAA Marine Services uses accurate sounding and ullage survey by using advanced 3D Scanner solutions.

Sounding is the reverse of ullage.

Manual sounding is measuring the depth of tank by inserting sounding tape in the sounding pipe and lower the bob until it touches in bottom.

It is a determination of volumetric content of tank at given sounding depth by tank sounding equipment.

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