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  • ICAD III, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Oil and Gas


EIWAA Oil and Gas Services in UAE is a well-known third-party inspection, testing, Onsite Calibration and Engineering Surveying Services established in 2014.Among other oil and gas companies in UAE, we are approved by major Oil and Gas Contractors including ADNOC, TRAKHEES, Dubai Petroleum and ENOC. EWAA Oil and Gas Services in UAE is one of the major ADNOC approved oil and gas service company for lifting Inspection, NDT Inspection, Rope Access, Storage tank dimensional service and more.
Major Oil and Gas Inspection Services are,

  • Third Party Inspection
  • Storage tank Inspection Services (API 650/API 653)
  • Piping and Pipeline Inspection (API 570)
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Rope Access Services
  • Topographical Survey
  • Storage tank Calibration Service
  • Laser Measurement Service
  • Storage tank Dimensional Services
  • Total Station Survey
  • LiDAR Scanning Services
  • Revit Modeling
  • BIM Modeling
  • Welder Training and Welder Certification Services

Third Party Inspection

EIWAA Oil and Gas Services provides Third Party Inspection services in the field of Lifting Equipment Inspection, Pull Testing Services, Welding Inspection Services and Lifting Gear Inspection Services. Our Third Party Inspection Services are different from other oil and companies in Abu Dhabi because we cover the scope of welding inspection, structural inspection and painting inspection Services.
Following is the 3rd Party Inspection Services in UAE which we are providing for our prestigious client,

  • Storage tank Inspection Services as per API 650
  • Piping and Pipeline Inspection
  • Boiler and Heat Exchanger Inspection
  • Asbuilt Survey
  • Storage tank Dimensional Survey Services
  • Storage tank Settlement Survey 
  • Storage Tank Verticality Survey
  • Laser Measurement Services

Non-Destructive Testing

EIWAA Oil and Gas Services provides Non-Destructive testing services for our oil and gas contractors and major oil companies. We are ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) Approved Inspection Company in UAE with major IACS Classification societies and TRAKHEES Approvals. Our Difference from other oil and companies in Abu Dhabi is pad eye load testing by Rope Access Services. Our Difference from other oil and companies in UAE is NDT Inspection Services by Rope Access Services along with Normal access Services.
Major NDT Inspection Services in UAE are as follows,

  • Ultrasonic Testing Services
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection Services
  • Dye Penetrant Testing Services
  • MPI Inspection Services
  • Eddy Current Inspection Services
  • Vacuum Box Testing 
  • Underground Pipeline Leak Testing Services
  • Chiller Tube Inspection
  • Thermography Inspection Services
  • Thermal Imaging Service
  • Noise Survey
  • Vibration Monitoring Services

Rope Access Services

EIWAA Oil and Gas Services is a IRATA Approved Rope Access Services in UAE for providing NDT Inspection Services, Lifting Gear Inspection Services and Repair Maintenance services. Our Spider Access Services in UAE shall be Dubai EHS Approved as well as ABS Approved Inspection body. Our Difference from other oil and companies in Abu Dhabi is pad eye load testing by Rope Access Services.

  • Rope Access Ultrasonic Testing Services
  • Rope Access Magnetic Particle Inspection Services
  • Rope Access Dye Penetrant Testing Services
  • Rope Access MPI Inspection Services
  • Rope Access Eddy Current Inspection Services
  • Rope Access ACFM Inspection Services

Topographical Survey

EIWAA oil and Gas services is an Engineering Survey Service provider for Topographical Survey, Terrestrial Scanning,3D Scanning and Modeling Services. We are providing surveying engineering for Power plants, Refineries and Processing plants. Our Difference from other oil and companies in Abudhabi is, we are using advanced laser scanning instruments and total station survey equipment.
Our Surveying Engineering Services are following,

  • Topographical Survey Services
  • Total Station Survey
  • Alignment Survey
  • Asbuilt Survey
  • 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling
  • LiDAR Scanning 
  • BIM Modeling Services
  • Revit Modeling Services
  • Scan to BIM Services

Storage tank Calibration Services

Our Onsite Calibration Services provides pressure testing services in UAE for marine equipments in Major Ports of UAE and Anchorages. We are one of the best marine engineering companies in UAE for Hose handling and pressure Testing.

  • Hydro Testing Services
  • Cargo Hose Pressure Testing and Certification
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Leak Testing Services
  • PRV Calibration Services
  • Pipeline Testing Services
  • Pipeline Inspection Services

Laser Measurement Service

EIWAA oil and Gas Services in UAE provides Laser measurement Services and Dimensional Services.3D Laser measurement Services in UAE used for Storage tank Dimensional Services as well as Pipeline Survey.

  • Asbuilt Survey
  • Storage tank Dimensional Survey Services
  • Storage tank Settlement Survey 
  • Storage Tank Verticality Survey
  • Tank Alignment Survey
  • Peaking/Banding Survey
  • Storage tank Roundness and Ovality Survey
  • Laser Measurement Services

Welder Training and Certification

EIWAA Oil and Gas Services is an AWS Approved welding training Centre in UAE for providing welding courses and welding classes. We are one of the best welding training institutes in UAE for welder qualification testing services and welding certification services of TIG Welding certification as well as Arc welder certification Services. In addition to the welding certification Services, we are providing third party brazing certification services and brazing qualification testing Services in UAE. Following are the Services,

  • Welding procedure Qualification Test
  • WPS/PQR Qualification
  • Welder Testing
  • Welder Certification Services
  • Welder Training
  • Welder Skill Test
  • Welder Trade test
  • Brazing Test and Brazer Certification
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