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Marine Services


EIWAA Marine Services in UAE is a well-known inspection, testing, Calibration and Engineering Surveying Services established in 2014. EIWAA Marine Service is a top marine company in UAE offers Marine Survey Services, NDT Inspection, Crane load testing and 3D Scanning at ports of UAE with TRAKHEES approval. We are approved by Major Ports of UAE includes Port of Fujairah(Fujairah), Jebel Ali port(Dubai),Mina Rashid(Dubai), Khor Fakkan Port(Sharjah), Khalifa Port(Abu Dhabi),Port Khalid (Shrajah),Al Hamriyah( Sharjah) and Mina Saqr Port(Ras Al Khaimah).Following are few of our Local Regulations and IACS Classification Societies approvals for performing NDT Inspection Services, Pedestal Crane load testing Services,3D Scanning and Modeling Services and Ship Specialized Services in UAE.

  • Llyord’s Register
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  • Indian Register of Shipping (IRS)
  • Bureau Veritas (BV)
  • TRAKHEES Approval
  • Dubai EHS Approval

Pedestal Crane Load Testing

Our Offshore Pedestal Crane Load Testing Services in UAE Ports and Anchorages helps to certify lifting Equipment and Cargo Gear Testing Services of Ships and Vessels. We are approved marine services in UAE for ship specialized services at Port of Fujairah, Khor fakkan Port and Jebel Ali Port. We are one of the top marine lifting inspection services with proven track records of water weights load testing services, lifting load bag inspection and proof load water bag load testing services.

Our Major Work Equipment Inspection Services in ships, vessels and offshore rigs are,

  • Heavy Lifting Inspection Services
  • Cargo Gear Testing and Inspection Services
  • Offshore Crane load testing Services
  • Lifting Lug Inspection Services
  • Pad eye Load testing by Rope Access and Normal access.
  • Lifting Gear Inspection Services
  • Pull Testing and Certification
  • Winch Brake Rendering Testing and Certification
  • Pull out testing services
  • Rocking Motion Test
  • Brake Rendering Test and Brake Holding Testing Services

Wire Rope Socketing Service

EIWAA Marine Services providing onboard wire rope socketing services in UAE Ports and Anchorages. From other marine companies in Dubai, we are different by providing inspection, testing, calibration, and marine survey under one roof.  EIWAA Marine Company is one of the best marine equipment suppliers in the UAE for providing Sockets, Wire rope  and other marine supply services. Supportive Services of Wire rope Renewal Services are,

  • Wire rope Sampling Services
  • Onboard Wire rope Removal
  • Wire rope Destructive Testing Services
  • Wire rope Brake Load Testing Services
  • Anchor Bolt Pull Testing Services
  • Water bag load testing Services

Non-Destructive Testing Service

EIWAA Marine Services is a (IACS)marine class approved NDT Inspection Services in UAE serving the port of Fujairah, Jebel ali Port and Khorfakkan Anchorage. Our Marine NDT Services and Offshore Inspection Service covers the scope of non-destructive testing services of Noise Measurement Services, Noise Survey, Thermography Testing Services and Thermographic Survey Services. Our Non-Destructive Testing Inspection Services with ASNT/PCN approved certifications includes the following NDT Testing Services.

  • Ultrasonic Testing Services
  • Magnetic Particle Testing Services
  • Dye Penetrant Testing Services
  • Eddy Current Inspection Services
  • Vacuum Box Testing and Leak Testing Services
  • Chiller Tube Inspection
  • Thickness Gauging Services
  • Thermography Inspection Services
  • Thermal Imaging Service
  • Noise Testing Services 
  • Vibration Monitoring Services

Rope Access Services

EIWAA Marine Services is a top Rope Access Service company in UAE serving marine and offshore services. We are one of the best marine engineering companies in UAE for marine supply services and marine survey by Spider Access Services. Our Rope Access Services covers the scopes of,

  • Rope Access NDT Inspection Services
  • Rope Pad eye load testing Services
  • Rope Access Lifting Gear Inspection
  • Rope Access Eddy current Testing Services

Pressure Testing Services

Our Onsite Calibration Services provides pressure testing services in UAE for marine equipments in Major Ports of UAE and Anchorages. We are one of the best marine engineering companies in UAE for Hose handling and pressure Testing.

  • Hydro Testing Services
  • Cargo Hose Pressure Testing and Certification
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Leak Testing Services
  • PRV Calibration Services
  • Pipeline Testing Services
  • Pipeline Inspection Services

3D Scanning and Modeling

EIWAA Marine services offers 3D laser scanning service in the UAE with major ports and anchorages. We are one of the best marine service company in UAE approved by Major Ports of UAE includes Port of Fujairah(Fujairah), Jebel Ali port(Dubai),Mina Rashid(Dubai), Khor Fakkan Port(Sharjah), Khalifa Port(Abu Dhabi),Port Khalid (Shrajah),Al Hamriyah( Sharjah) and Mina Saqr Port(Ras Al Khaimah). EIWAA Marine Services is one of the best marine survey company in UAE  for providing marine survey, marine laser scanning services and 3D Modeling Services. Our Marine Surveying Services of 3D Imaging and LiDAR 3D Mapping Services shall be performed for the installation of Air lubrication System and Ballast water treatment System. 3D Scanning and Modeling Services includes the following Services,

  • 3D Imaging services
  • 3D Mapping Service
  • LiDAR Scanning Services
  • 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling  Services
  • 3D Scanning and Modeling of BWTS,Hull Air lubrication System
  • Laser Measurement Services etc.

Ship Sounding Survey

EIWAA Marine Service is one of the marine service company provides onsite volume calibration services in UAE and is approved by Major Ports of UAE and marine classification societies. Ship tank sounding Services of Caro calibration Services shall be performed by manual sounding services as well as 3D Laser calibration Services.

Following 3D Laser calibration services in Ships and Vessels are,

  • Ship Sounding Survey
  • Ullage Survey
  • Ship Sounding Services
  • Cargo Volume Measurement Services
  • Ship Tank Calibration Services
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