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Brazing Test & Certification

How to get Brazer Certification and Brazing Procedure Qualification?

This article covers the to find the solution of Brazer Certification, Brazing procedure Qualification, Brazing Procedure Qualification Records, Third Party Brazing testing service, Brazing operator Test and Certification, Brazing test and third party Certification etc.

Brazing control involves the following:

  • Brazing procedure development and specifications
  • Brazing procedure qualifications
  • Brazing procedure qualification records
  • Brazing procedure specification
  • Brazer and Brazing operator qualification.

Flow Chart of Brazing Procedure Qualification and Brazing Certification:

Preliminary Brazing Procedure Specification (pBPS):Preliminary brazing procedure is a preliminary document which includes the proposed details of base material, electrode details, variables during brazing, brazing electrical characteristics etc. Approved Inspection Engineer prepare the document as per ASME SEC IX and provided to the client for approvals.

Brazing Procedure Qualifications (BPQ): Prior to the Brazing procedure Qualification test, Brazing inspector have to ensure the Mill test certificate, Consumable approval certificate, Calibration certificates of torch brazing equipment and preliminary brazing procedure.The Brazing Inspector records all necessary brazing parameters during brazing on a brazing Run Sheet for the qualification of the BPQ. After braze visual acceptance of visually qualified test coupon, sampling shall be performed by the brazing Inspector. Sampling of braze test coupon includes the details of,

  • BPS number
  • Brazer identification – Brazer name and unique number
  • Test date

The brazing Inspector raises a material requisition for the NDT testing as well as the mechanical testing of the braze test piece ensuring all the necessary data, eg brazer’s name, number, BPQ number, material type, applicable standards or codes being worked to, are identified. Mechanical Test shall be Peel test and section/Macro Test, Tensile Test etc. based on codes/standard. Upon completion, all the mechanical testing records are reviewed by the Brazing Engineer to ensure compliance of requirements.

Brazing Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR): Following successful BPS qualification test, the Brazing Engineer prepare a Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) which consists of:

  • BPQR
  • Brazing Procedure Running Sheet
  • Copper Material Details
  • Test results
  • Material and consumable certification.

The Brazing Engineer shall review and approve the mechanical testing results , furnish the details in BPQR Sheet and submitted to the client for approvals.

Brazer and Brazing Operator Test/Third Party Certification: Third Party Certification of brazing operator were carried out once the brazing procedure approved by the client. The Brazing Test shall be performed by the brazing operator after sufficient brazing training. Brazing Engineer witnesses the brazing test and records the data are in complaints with the requirements of BPS/BPQR. After the brazing test, visually qualified test coupon will be subject to a mechanical test. If the mechanical testing satisfies the requirements of sufficient mechanical strength, will record the datas and prepare brazing certificate and Brazer ID Card.

Third Party Brazing Certification Packages: Third party brazing certification package includes Brazing Procedure Specification/BPS, Brazing procedure Qualification Record(BPQR),Brazing performance Qualification Record(BPQ),Mechanical Test Results, Brazer ID Card, Brazer Certificate etc.

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