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  • ICAD III, Abu Dhabi, UAE

How to perform Proof load testing of offshore Pedestal crane?

Pedestal Crane Load Testing Procedure:

Proof load testing and certification of Pedestal Crane Load shall be performed by water weights and digital dynamometer. Solid Test weight is not economical where testing location is offshore, Ports and anchorages and due to this, test weight is replaced by Lifting Load bag.

Steps to be followed for Pedestal Crane load testing Services:

 Identify the SWL or Safe Working Load.
 Preparation of lifting plan and Rigging plan by identifying the lifting hook type.
 Preparation of Risk Assessment and Job scope Analysis.
 Barricade the area and wear the minimum PPE/Safety jackets.
 Selection of water weights depends upon the capacity, diameter and height of proof load bag
 For a single hook crane, connect the lifting accessories of shackles, Digital dynamometer load
cell and water bags and set up the filling /discharge hose to the valve in the right position.
 Handle carefully the water weights from sharp edges while connecting water weights and lifting
 Installation of pulley or wire rope sling on water bag with master link and shackle assembly.
 For a double hook crane, carefully settle the sling between lifting accessories to avoid twisting
 Perform functional testing of water bags to ensure the discharge valves function properly by
pulling ropes and/or opening &close the water bag valves.
 ON the digital dynamometer load cell and start filling of water
 Ensure to close discharge hose valves of water bag & control the discharge hose far away from
the ground.
 Assess the total weight by digital dynamometer load cell and connect the filling hose to the
water supply.
 Monitor the load in every second while filling water weights.
 To control the water filled weights at boom radius & as per the load chard as indicated in the
 Open the ball valve in the central discharge area of the water bag and drain the water.

 Lower the crane boom by lowering the water bags and disconnecting the entire water bag
assembly from the crane.

Requirements of Marine Classification Societies Approval:

To perform the proof load testing and certification of lifting Equipment’s at Major Ports of UAE, needs all the Major Ports approval as well as LOLER, PUWER, IACS Approvals.

Major Port Approvals in UAE are,

 Port Khalid
 Jebel Ali Port
 Fujairah Port
 AD Ports

Major IACS Classification Society Approval in Lifting Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing are,

 Llyod’s Register
 American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
 Indian Registrar of Shipping (IRS)
 Bureau Veritas (BV)

Requirements of Pre-Post Non-Destructive Testing of Pedestal Crane:

Pre and Post NDT Test is mandatory to ensure the structural integrity of pedestal crane. If the NDT Testing is not possible by normal access, NDT by Rope Access is the economical method. Rope Access is performed by IRATA Approved Rope Access specialists with ASNT/PCN Approvals. Commonly used NDT Testing method by Rope Access are,
 Magnetic Particle Examination
 Eddy Current Testing
 ACFM Inspection
 Ultrasonic Scanning Inspection
 Dye Penetrant Test etc.

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