• June 15, 2024
  • ICAD III, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Offshore Pedestal Crane Load Testing by Water Filled Weight Bags?

Our Lifting Inspection team recently completed a 200-ton crane load testing assignment for one of the major shipping company in UAE. In order to assist with the proof load testing inspection and certification, our lifting engineers executes the project at Fujairah Anchorage with 100% professionalism and Quality. EIWAA Marine Services is approved by Major IACS Classification societies; mainly IRS/LR/BV/ABS Approved inspection company in UAE with all major Port approvals.

Projects: Pedestal Crane load testing at Fujairah Anchorage, UAE
SWL: 200 ton

Offshore Pedestal Crane Load Testing by water filled weight bags:

Offshore Pedestal Crane load testing is made safer and more efficient with weight bags filled with water. Therefore, load testing for many types of lifting equipment might be provided by the crane load test water weight bags. Moreover, the ability to apply water makes Water weight load testing bags precisely and progressively a substantial benefit over other approaches. This means that possible issues can be found far in advance of the maximum load weight being reached.

Why Water Weights?

In place of conventional solid load test weights, water weight bags are an easy-to-use and secure way to perform proof load testing for cranes. The purpose of EIWAA load test water weight bags is to conduct proof load testing on lifting equipment and structures that require proof load testing. For a newly installed ship cranes or major/repair maintenance of crane wire rope changes needs certifications for crane load testing, beam load test, derrick load test and lifeboat davit load test. Thus, one type of creative crane load test weight solution is provided by these water-filled water weight bags by replacing solid test weights. Its benefits are most notable because they include high efficiency, economy, convenience, and safety.

Dimensions of Water weights bag used for Water weights load testing ?

Common size of lifting load bag used for water weights testing services for Offshore pedestal crane load testing and services are ranges from 1 ton to 110 ton.

water weight dimensions










Benefits of Proof load testing and Certification:

By replacing calibrated test weights, we are always using water weights and dynamometer load cell of different capacities with lifting accessories for proof load testing and certification of Pedestal mounted offshore cranes at Ports and Anchorages in UAE. Since an ABS/BV/IRS/LR Approved load testing Load Testing company in UAE, always maintain the Port approvals for serving the shipping companies and Vessels owners ship crane load testing requirements.

Operational simplicity : Water Weights are lightweight and easily transportable in small containers. Controlled load testing environment in marine : By applying the load gradually using water, any issues can be found before the proof load condition is reached, reducing the risk to personnel and testing equipment. The weights might be remotely emptied rather being left hanging, which would pose a serious risk, if the lifting apparatus is unable to support the weight.

Lifting Inspection Accreditation: The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), the American Bureau of Shipping, the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), and OHSAS are among the organizations that oversee the business worldwide and have authorized this particular procedure.

Multiples water weights of different capacities: The load is only rigged once and may be loaded or emptied to achieve a wide range of testing capacities. This allows for several load tests and ensures efficiency and safety in the handling and staging of the load during testing. We conducted several load tests using the same bags in order to create the largest water bag load test without spreader beams in the world.

Liting Load bag: Every Water Weights bag is produced in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 (Health & Safety), and ISO 14001 (Environmental) management systems. Additionally, every bag complies with LEEA Guidance 051.

Lifting Plan and Rigging plan: Since every load testing requirement is different, water weights load testing may be adjusted to the size and capacity needed to meet the needs of the client. Our lifting

Inspection Engineers will help you with the project at every stage, including project execution, rigging, and engineering design.

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